Top 9 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Yankees GM Pulled Over, Held at Gunpoint

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In this week’s Top Surveillance Videos…

Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman likely had more than baseball running through his mind last week when Connecticut police ordered him out of his car while at gunpoint.

In the body cam video, you can hear a police officer say they received a call about “a guy with a gun at a doctor’s office driving a white Jeep,” which is what Cashman was driving.

Unfortunately for him, when the police officer ran Cashman’s plates, the vehicle came back as stolen. That’s because it technically was… earlier in the week. But he was eventually able to recover it.

Before being pulled over, Cashman was actually on his way to Norwalk police headquarters so they could “process it” for any evidence of the theft.

The video is a good example of what you should do when stopped by the police, even if you’ve done nothing wrong. Sure, Cashman is a minor celebrity and was even recognized, but complying with the police and staying calm goes a long way.

Also this week…

Conor McGregor is known for delivering beatings both inside and outside the Octagon. In fact, his short temper is frequently caught on camera for all to see.

The hothead’s latest incident (Conor, please don’t hurt me) took place at an Irish bar. Conor appears to buy a round of shots for patrons (of his own whiskey), however one man refuses, multiple times.

Apparently McGregor took that as an insult. He takes his shot and then delivers a shot, with his fist, right to the side of the man’s head.

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