DCR front of building

DCR was established in 1984...

as Data Cash Register Exchange. We sold and serviced cash registers primarily to the retail, grocery and convenience store markets.

Starting in the 1990s, we began to turn our focus to the restaurant industry.  We installed specifically designed cash registers to meet the needs of restaurants.  Today, the needs and expectations of restaurateurs have evolved to require a sophisticated point of sale system.  To meet this demand, DCR offers a wide selection of POS solutions on our sister site- DCR Point of Sale

Our Customers Wanted More

Our customer base had other needs we wanted to meet.  This need was for CCTV systems, especially integrating them with their cash registers.  We formed the second division of our company, DCR Security, to meet this need.  This part of our company has evolved to cover the surveillance needs of municipalities, schools, and businesses both large and small.

We are staffed with a dedicated, licensed support team covering a large area based in Columbus Georgia.  We emphasize and value our support because we realize the equipment we sell and service is only as good as the ongoing support and training customers receive.