2021 Cloud Security Summit Breaks Down Why Cloud Is No Longer Just a Buzzword

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AUSTIN, Texas — The 2021 Cloud Security Summit hosted by Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo returned as an in-person event Nov. 1-4, here at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines.

Designed to arm attendees (consisting of integrator partners and a few end users sprinkled in) with business programs and product solutions to solve real-world security challenges, the event featured keynotes from company executives, as well as dedicated executive, sales and technical tracks to ensure every part of a modern integration business was covered.

The 2021 Cloud Security Summit kicked off Monday night with a “Welcome Cocktail Reception,” followed by dinner, opening remarks from Eagle Eye CEO and Brivo Chairman Dean Drako, and live music.

Day two of the event began with a welcome address from Brivo Key Accounts Vice President Dave Williams, who also acted as emcee. Williams shared an anecdote of his early days in the Cloud business, where he walked into a dealers office with his demo kit in tow and was told, “I hope you aren’t going to show me any of that Cloud crap.”

That story began the running theme of the event: Cloud was first looked down upon by many, but now it is has become an important — and in some cases necessary — solution, especially as a result of the pandemic.

Despite the progress and success Cloud-based solutions have seen over the past several years, we are still a long way from fully utilizing them. During his keynote, Drako explained, “We are still in the very early innings of the conversion to SaaS [software as a service] in the video surveillance industry … My prediction is that somewhere, 2030-2031, 50% of the video surveillance industry will be SaaS.”

Brivo Founder, CEO and SSI Industry Hall of Famer Steve Van Till followed Drako’s keynote with a look at trends driving the next wave of technology adoption. He started his talk by discussing the launch of the original iPod and its slogan, “1,000 songs in your pocket.”

“What that’s really talking about is breaking the barrier of storage. And that’s really about obliterating boundaries of storage. Memory used to be very precious, used to be very very expensive, used to be [physically] bigger. So it was hard to get a lot of memory. That’s one of the things that they did. But what we did by launching the Cloud, we obliterated boundaries of memory too. A lot of those old boundaries that were on access control devices, access control computers and access control systems, they all went away,” he said.

An example of Cloud’s rapid growth shared by Van Til was the Proptech boom. One hundred billion dollars has been invested in the area since 2016, and 2021 is on pace for $20 billion. “The denominator across everything that’s happening in Proptech right now is that there is value in connecting your real estate, your property and building, your home, your work to the Cloud. It might have to do with buying it or selling it, it might have to do with keeping the environment under control, might have to do with security and protection, might have to do with any of those things, but the common thread is there’s value in connecting your building to the Cloud. So we can thank the investors for putting this hundred billion in motion over the last five years for repeating and amplifying something that we already knew.”

Here are some quick-hits from the event:

  • The results of Eagle Eye’s acquisition of AI surveillance specialist Uncanny Vision were on full display. Attendees were treated to demoes from Uncanny’s Co-Founder Navaneethan Sundaramoorthy. Eagle Eye Video search gives users a Google-like search experience so they no longer have to sift through hours of footage.
  • Drako let it be known that “customer service is an obsession of mine,” and announced that the company had won a yet to be announced award for its technical support from a leading security trade publication.
  • Fun fact: Van Till says Brivo is securing collectively 300 million square feet with its access control solutions.
  • Though adoption was already on a steady rise, Brivo COO and EVP John Sczcgyiel says COVID-19 has moved Cloud adoption forward by five years.
  • Eagle Eye has doubled the size of its North America product engineering organization since 2019 and quadrupled its tech support organization.

During a chat between sessions, Drako said “I firmly believe that the confluence of Cloud and AI is going to significantly revolutionize how video surveillance is done around the globe on the soon to be over a billion cameras that are used to keep our world safer and more secure. Eagle Eye is striving to be at the forefront of that and deliver the technologies to make the world an even better place.

Judging by everything I saw at the Cloud Security Summit, I believe him. For more insights from the event, check out the slideshow and video above.

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