3xLOGIC Updates VIGIL CLOUD: 5MP Resolution Support, 360° De-Warping & More

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FISHERS, Ind. — 3xLogic, a provider of intelligent security solutions, announces the latest list of updates to its VIGIL CLOUD platform.

The VIGIL CLOUD solution has been enhanced to include additional features and functionality to provide substantial, measurable benefits to both dealers and end users, according to the company.

3xLogic says improved functionality for dealers means more opportunities to help generate increased return on investment (ROI) and recurring monthly revenue (RMR); quicker and easier installation; and more efficient remote system management than ever.

End users now have more control over subject areas they want to view with the 360° de-warping feature, the choice to select 5MP resolution, and an option of up to 365 days retention per camera. CLOUD’s Case Management feature is now available on the mobile app, empowering the user to be in control virtually anywhere, at any time.

3xLogic offers the following update descriptions:

360° De-warping

Users now have more control over the areas they want to view with the 360° de-warping feature. 360° cameras offer four separate display options: Single View (Region), Double Panorama View, Panorama + Focus Views, and Quad View. End users select any view option and specify the mount type — wall and ceiling mounts available. Each viewing option enables the user to pan/tilt/zoom to objects of interest. All this functionality is available for both live and recorded video.

5MP Resolution Support

When onboarding a camera, dealers can now offer 5MP resolution support to their retention options in addition to the 2MP support already available. Among the benefits of 5MP resolution support: customers can change between 2MP and 5MP resolution as desired; VIGIL CLOUD cameras provide full MP support with the purchase of the camera; enhanced VIGIL CLOUD NVR plug-in capability — stream to VIGIL CLOUD for retention while maintaining visibility on the NVR with no configuration changes. Finally, 5MP support customers now enjoy 25GB of case management storage per camera, whereas 2MP support offers 10GB of storage per camera.

Case Management on Mobile App

VIGIL CLOUD’s video collaboration functionality, the Case Management feature, extends beyond the web application to the mobile app. Customers can build cases in the Cloud with video clips and screenshots from one or more cameras; share cases with team members for review, comment, and resolution; easily download clips and still shots; and search cases by resolution status, location, or incident type — all conveniently from the mobile app.

Dealer Functionality on Mobile App

VIGIL CLOUD is redefining the way dealers onboard customers and cameras with new dealer functionality in the VIGIL CLOUD web app. Benefits include helping to increase ROI and RMR; quickly and easily set up cameras using QR scans; enjoy remote maintenance; easily manage all customers and locations using intuitive CLOUD workflow; and quickly identify customers and/or cameras in need of attention.

180- and 365-day Retention Options

VIGIL CLOUD has additional retention options for 2MP and 5MP resolutions. Dealers can now select 180- or 365-day retention options per camera. As always, dealers can mix and match retention options based on their customers’ unique needs.

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