Ai-RGUS Takes Major Leap in Growth and Reach in 2022

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Ai-RGUS, the artificial intelligence (AI) software company, reports that it expanded into all 50 states in 2022.

“The past year brought tremendous growth for Ai-RGUS and we are optimistic about what’s to come in 2023,” says Daniël Reichman, Ph.D., CEO of Ai-RGUS. “As a company, we intend to expand throughout the U.S. and continue to reach new customers concerned about security risks. A surveillance device is only as good as the software making sure it is operating as intended and producing the video evidence you expect to have, that it’s recording, and this is becoming a focal point for an array of industries.”


Ai-RGUS’s user interface is designed to save operators time by streamlining the camera inspection process.

The company’s rapid growth, it notes, can be attributed to:

  • Continued partnership with the world’s leading commercial video surveillance camera manufacturers;
  • Development of a cybersecurity system;
  • 25 new partnerships with system integrators; and
  • Partnerships with additional system integrations.

Additional factors in its acceleration: recent firmware upgrades and improved cybersecurity management. These developments to the technology include password changes, rebooting devices remotely and automating firmware upgrades.

The Las Vegas-based Ai-RGUS uses AI to verify security cameras – a $43.9B worldwide market – are capturing clear images and producing usable video evidence.

“Video surveillance cameras can be obstructed from capturing images, rendering the recorded footage unusable,” says Reichman. “By using [our] proprietary software solution, Ai-RGUS’s clients have peace of mind knowing that each camera unit is working correctly. Knowing that the software is 99.9% accurate at detecting unhealthy cameras, it reduces risk and increases compliance while saving businesses money and staff time to manually check each camera and video feed for those problems.”

Ai-RGUS’s software was originally developed by a team at Duke University to improve safety and security on premises. The need was identified by Duke University’s CIO and Duke’s chief of police who recognized an unmet need for 2,000 cameras covering student housing, retail outlets, transportation terminals and other mixed-use areas. Duke University funded the initial development of the solution.


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