Alpha Video Surveillance Increases Scalability and Drives Profits with AI

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Alpha Video Surveillance requires all its video surveillance cameras to function and adequately record to provide clients with their services.

With multiple clients of varying sizes, the labor needed to ensure every camera is in focus, unobstructed, properly positioned and adequately working becomes a significant task.

Alpha VS initially performed manual on-site maintenance checks on client systems every day for eight-hour shifts, often only finding one or two problematic cameras in systems of dozens or hundreds. As its client portfolio grew, the time and labor required to manually ensure the reliability and functionality of every camera increased substantially.

Eventually, Alpha VS technical agents worked eight-hour shifts daily just to ensure that every camera was properly positioned and working satisfactorily. Manually checking cameras presented several difficulties, such as ensuring that tech support agents were performing maintenance to standard, training trusted employees, and high turnover rates due to the monotony of the work.

The cost of labor and time it took to ensure every camera was properly working became a significant challenge for Alpha VS. It was eating into the budget by requiring labor for tedious tasks and prevented the company from expanding services to more clients.

With so many cameras already to maintain, Alpha VS could not provide the same quality of remote guarding service to new clientele—eventually, the tedious nature of correcting problematic cameras detracted from Alpha VS’ original security solution.

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Machine Learning, AI Offer Solution

 Technology provided the answer to eliminating the limiting factors of maintenance and monitoring for malfunctioning cameras.

Instead of performing manual maintenance on all of their clients’ security systems, Alpha VS President and COO Michael Loumos discovered that machine learning and AI-assisted programs could significantly accelerate the time to complete maintenance and monitor for problems.

Ai-RGUS’ proprietary AI software helps ensure that security/surveillance cameras function correctly and effectively monitor their intended areas of focus. Ai-RGUS software can alert system users when any camera in a surveillance system is not performing its intended function, i.e., blurry images, out of alignment, debris blocking the lens, or a lack of real-time feed.

Through an easy-to-use interface, alerts notify system operators when a problem occurs with a camera.

In November 2020, Ai-RGUS connected with Alpha VS to demonstrate its camera monitoring software and the benefits it could bring to Alpha VS’s operation. The partnership began with a small set of 100 cameras for three months.

Alpha VS quickly realized the benefit Ai-RGUS monitoring software provided and inquired if additional features could be integrated to help achieve all their security goals. The software solution reduced the time needed to perform maintenance checks so dramatically that Alpha VS was able to reassign half of the technical agent team to other mission-critical roles.

Not only was the time spent doing maintenance reduced from eight hours a day to an hour and a half, but the accuracy with which the software detected any problems with a camera was surprisingly high.

Following the three-month demo period and adding different integrations to the system, Alpha VS requested that Ai-RGUS monitoring software be added to all cameras in its portfolio of surveillance systems.

Ai-RGUS software works 24/7. In the case of Alpha VS, integrating Ai-RGUS software into their clients’ surveillance systems dramatically reduced the time and labor required to ensure all the cameras in their 500+ systems were adequately working.

Instead of performing daily maintenance checks on camera systems, Alpha VS can track the functionality of every camera in a client’s system from its headquarters. They dispatch maintenance crews to specific locations and cameras only when Ai-RGUS software notifies them of a malfunction.

Ai-RGUS software is helping to increase the effectiveness of Alpha VS surveillance systems, making the company much more effective at providing criminal deterrence and video evidence when clients need it.

Alpha VS

Saving Time, Money and Aggravation

By integrating Ai-RGUS software into the video surveillance systems, Alpha VS dramatically reduced the time and energy it took to maintain all cameras at optimal operating levels. Alpha VS maintenance employees are no longer discontent with the size of their workload and are no longer spending significant hours performing non-revenue-generating tasks.

With the addition of Ai-RGUS software, Alpha VS reclaimed previously lost time dedicated to extensive manual maintenance of its clients’ camera systems and had the opportunity to focus more employee time on more complex or profitable projects.

For Alpha VS, overcoming the challenge of laborious camera maintenance has allowed the company to grow substantially. The maintenance challenge severely impacted the ability to scale up and acquire new clients.

But, since first integrating Ai-RGUS software into the entire client portfolio, Alpha VS has been able to add additional properties under their surveillance and continues to grow at a record pace.

“Before Ai-RGUS, camera maintenance was extremely labor intensive, and scalability was our core concern,” says Loumos. “However, after seeing the software’s effectiveness in detecting camera malfunctions, we could add 10,000 more cameras tomorrow and encounter zero problems.”

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