Amazon Debuts new Ring Products at CES 2023

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LAS VEGAS—At CES 2023 Ring announced a range of new products, features and experiences for homeowners and dealers.

Supporting its CES announcements Amazon’s Ring brand published an About Amazon CES blog post that summarizes the news and showcases the company’s vision for ambient intelligence inside and outside of the home. Highlights include:

Ring Car Cam

Ring Car Cam extends the power of Ring’s technology from the home to the car, creating a brand-new category for Ring. Ring Car Cam is controlled by the Ring App and unique in that its dual-facing camera records both when your car is in motion and when it’s turned off, giving you a sense of presence whether your car is parked at home, at the grocery store, or on the road. When your car is parked, Car Cam’s smart sensors are on guard to detect events inside and around your vehicle.

If an event, such as a break in, is detected, the Cam will start recording and send a real-time alert to users’ Ring App, where they can watch what is happening live or talk directly with anyone in the car. Car Cam also has a feature called Traffic Stop. Simply say, “Alexa, record” and your Cam will record several minutes of what’s happening, despite the car being parked. Car Cam will retail for $249.99, but is available for $199.99 for a limited time during pre-order. Pre-order starts immediately.

Ring Peephole Cam

Ring Peephole Cam includes all the video doorbell people expect from a modern smart home device, but is installed over the existing peephole in a door. The Ring Peephole Cam features a 1080p HD camera, night vision, Two-Way Talk, and Knock and Motion Detection. Setup is quick and seamless and installation takes minutes, without any permanent modifications, which is helpful for renters. Ring Peephole Cam is available now in the U.S. on and at a new price of $129.99.

Amazon and Multi-Assistant Integration, a home intelligence system designed to manage and control integrated devices through its app and proprietary natural language processing, will be demonstrating a new multi-assistant integration for devices, allowing Alexa to be used simultaneously alongside’s voice assistant. Ring explains that by simply by using the corresponding wake word’s purpose-built assistant controls the smart home and its connected devices, and customers can use Alexa simultaneously for a variety of voice requests, including the ability to manage day-to-day tasks, and the ability to seek entertainment such as checking for the latest sports scores and managing shopping lists.

More Announcements From Ring at CES 2023


Amazon Sidewalk, the secure, long-range network designed to provide low-cost, ubiquitous connectivity for billions of smart devices, will open to developers during the first half of this year. Ring states that it will be offering developers and device makers a self-service model to independently and rapidly create new Sidewalk-enabled devices.

Amazon and Ring will also unveil four new third-party Sidewalk-enabled devices designed to help customers realize everyday benefits around the home including a new natural gas alarm from New Cosmos, that leverages Sidewalk to provide customers with timely information about potential gas leaks in their home, as well as several new residential Sidewalk-enabled devices from Browan, including a motion detector, door and window sensors, a water leak detector, and CO2 detector, each utilizing Sidewalk to send alerts when needed.

Ring also notes that Deviceroy’s Aria smart modem will use Sidewalk to connect solar inverters to the internet helping customers automatically coordinate real-time energy availability with efficient appliances, and Meshify will demonstrate its new Sidewalk-enabled leak and freeze detection devices to help customers avert potentially catastrophic property damage.


Ring stresses that it is continuing its journey to make the smart home more interoperable. Beginning this spring, the company will expand its Matter support to iOS, Thread, and additional device types like thermostats, blinds, and sensors, and remaining Echo and eero devices. In addition, Ring is releasing the first Alexa Ambient Home Dev Kit (AAHDK) APIs for developer preview later this month at CES 2023.

This includes an API for Group Sync, Device Sync, and Credential Locker (CLAPI). These cloud-based features are designed to be flexible, allowing developers to maximize their development effort and reach more households and users regardless of their mobile OS or connectivity protocol used to connect devices to Alexa.

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