Athena Security Unveils Occupancy Tracking, Concealed Gun Detection

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AUSTIN, Texas — Athena Security announces two major product launches for its smart security camera line up focused on mitigating gun violence and the spread of COVID-19.

Athena’s dual gun and temperature detection system utilizes two 384-pixel thermal cameras so one can be in front of the subject and behind the subject, in order to see if there’s a concealed weapon on the front or back of their body. The front thermal camera also then measures body temperature to detect if there’s an elevated temperature.

On the gun detection side, Athena Security’s artificial intellegence (AI)-enabled thermal camera is said to be able to spot concealed weapons and immediately alert authorities. On the occupancy tracking side, the company has added sensors (no cameras needed) that can be placed in every room to accurately track how many people are in the building or in individual rooms to avoid coronavirus overcrowding issues while maintaining privacy, according to the announcement.

“We are constantly innovating both on the gun detection and COVID prevention sides to increase our customer’s ability to stop the spread of COVID and the misuse of guns throughout society,” states Lisa Falzone, Athena Security CEO and co-founder. “With gun safety and COVID protections becoming so politicized, Athena Security is focused on automating public safeguards so that our schools, hospitals, places of worship and business are as secure as possible.”

When Falzone and Athena Security Co-Founder Chris Ciabarra came out of early retirement to help in the mission to end mass shootings in 2018, little did they know at the time they were also ramping up to help fight the spread of COVID-19, according to the announcement.

“Especially after the birth of my second child, the drive to make the world a safer place was an unavoidable motivation for me,” says Falzone.  “The part that Chris and I had not bet on was the flexibility and utilitarian nature of our AI thermal camera platform. Its uses for social good, along with our commitment to the ethical use of AI banning all instances of personal information collection, is proving far greater than we initially hoped for.”

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