Axis Introduces Students to Security Industry at Renovated Experience Center

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CHELMSFORD, Mass. — Axis Communications held its inaugural Secure the Future event last week here at its North American headquarters.

The company hosted more than a dozen students from Greater Lowell Technical High School, a vocational school in Tyngsborough, Mass.

The day was focused on giving students an opportunity to learn more about the security industry and what could lie ahead in their lives and careers. Several students said they were interested in careers in engineering or computer science, while others dreamed of becoming innovators and creating a way to make the world a little better.

Axis was right there to listen to their goals and introduce tools, like internship opportunities and the Axis Communications Academy, to ensure them that those goals are not far out of reach.

Attendees were also given a tour of the newly renovated Axis Experience Center (AEC) to check out the technologies Axis can provide for hospitals, schools, businesses or anyone who wants to improve their safety and security measures.

The newly unveiled AEC, which you can see in this slideshow, was dreamt up by Steve Stanberry, the Northeast Business Area Director at Axis, who we got a chance to speak to at the event.

“Being able to give a tour now is different than it was,” Stanberry told SSI sister publication Campus Safety, which attended the event. “We can actually show some very cool technology, how things happen and work together in conjunction and getting these young folks a chance to see that cameras aren’t just about security — but maybe some marketing, operation, and helping businesses be better at what they do.”

Axis showed some school security technologies such as thermal imaging, emergency alert systems and state-of-the-art video surveillance.

By demonstrating the security features available for campuses, the students were able to see first-hand what’s being done to keep them safe. Despite being the ones schools work so hard to keep safe, students can often be overlooked when it comes to understanding school security.

Attendees also got a chance to see some hospital security technology. The tour guide through the AEC, Steve Jussaume, New England Regional Sales Manager at Axis, specifically touched on audio detection.

Axis installed a pin-hole camera with a microphone in a hand-sanitizer dispenser in its mock hospital room.

“Based upon different sound levels within a space — maybe someone yelling or if a gun goes off — we can get an alert or trigger,” Jussaume explained to the students. He then demonstrated how the acoustical sensors go off when he shouted inside the room.

At the end of the day, the students were asked what they took away from the event. Many commented on the impressive technology and the exciting opportunities Axis may have for them at some point in their future.

What was Axis hoping for the students? Stanberry said he hoped to show them how technology companies are structured, especially since many of these students are focused in that area, and get them thinking about how they can incorporate security and safety in their future careers.

“Giving back to these young people today and doing things like Mission 500 and being able to impact less fortunate people throughout the world, that resonates to me and a lot of our employees,” Stanberry said. “I’m pretty proud that we get to do those kinds of things.”

View the video above for an inside look at the event.

Editor’s Note: This story first ran in Security Sales and Integration’s sister publication Campus Safety.

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