BCDVideo, Wasabi Partner to Deliver Cost-Effective Surveillance Storage

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BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. — BCDVideo, a provider of IP video storage solutions, announces that it has partnered with Wasabi, a Cloud storage company for video surveillance.

The partnership is said to expand the ability for both manufacturers to offer their customers a complete package: BCDVideo’s purpose-built, on-premises storage options and Wasabi’s competitive hot Cloud storage solutions.

“Hot Cloud storage” is a universal, one-size-fits-all Cloud object storage environment that is said to be significantly faster than traditional frequent-access storage services. It also satisfies nearly all storage performance requirements.

Together, these two companies deliver a hybrid Cloud solution that takes advantage of existing infrastructure, as well as next-generation Cloud storage technology, to secure high volumes of video efficiently and affordably, according to an announcement.

“We are thrilled about the opportunities this partnership will open up,” says Jeff Burgess, CEO at BCD Int’l. “Wasabi’s Cloud technology is already optimized for the video surveillance Cloud storage space, which makes it a perfect extension for our purpose-built on-premises devices — working together is a no-brainer.”

Building on more than two decades of experience manufacturing video appliances in the surveillance security market, BCD says it is committed to offering customers the best user experience and value.

Marrying Wasabi’s hot Cloud storage with BCDVideo’s Harmonize Bridge enables BCD and Video Storage Solutions (VSS) appliances to interact with Wasabi Cloud storage and allows BCD to deliver on that commitment, according to the company.

“We see video surveillance storage requirements growing quickly and outpacing the capacities of on-premises storage alone. By adding affordable, high performance Cloud storage to the equation with BCD’s on-premises storage, you get the best of both worlds,” says David Friend, CEO of Wasabi. “Wasabi has a goal to make Cloud storage a simple commodity and utility, just like electricity, so together with BCD, we make video surveillance storage simple and affordable in high volumes.”

Because Wasabi’s Cloud offering integrates with leading video surveillance vendors, customers can operate surveillance systems using anywhere from one to 1,000 cameras with varying storage needs, all with plenty of room to scale, the company states.

Wasabi offers existing BCD customers flexibility as well, allowing users to use as much or as little Cloud storage as works best for their system. Using Cloud storage as part of surveillance solutions allows customers to take advantage of bottomless storage, while reducing the close and build-time required for hardware overhauls.

Wasabi’s storage solution is also said to have 11x9s of data durability (99.999999999% reliability).

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