Bosch’s Latest Tool Brings Together Video Data, Visual Reports

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GRASBRUNN, Germany — Bosch Building Technologies introduces Intelligent Insights, a new software tool that brings together video data from its intelligent cameras with visualization and reporting, in one simple overview.

Bosch says this affordable software solution enables customers to use data in new ways and help users quickly understand the context of various situations, enabling them to make informed decisions.

When, for example, the maximum number of people allowed to be in the area is reached, Intelligent Insights can immediately inform users. Intelligent Insights can be used standalone or integrated with other systems to enhance situational awareness further.

Intelligent Insights uses Bosch cameras’ built-in intelligence (video analytics) to interpret video images and captures camera metadata from situations involving moving objects, people counting and crowd detection.

The software tool then collects, aggregates and displays this information using a series of pre-defined widgets enabling users to visualize and evaluate a complete scene from a simple overview screen. Based on this, users can react faster and more efficiently, making better-informed decisions and improving overall security and safety, according to the company.

Usable data can be visualized in two ways: As a widget and as a report. All widgets are displayed in a simple, easy-to-read dashboard that allows users to select and display only the widgets that they need at any given time. The report functions as a more detailed post-analysis, helping users adjust and alter actions in the future.

Area fill level, occupancy counting and crowd detection widgets offer the ability to monitor and detect crowds accurately and count individuals and objects. The user can specify the desired occupancy rate of an area by determining the maximum number of people allowed to be in that area within a given time.

Bosch says area fill level and occupancy counting in particular are becoming increasingly applicable as they can activate and trigger an external output device when the threshold is reached. This could be a simple alert, a message displayed on a monitor at the entrance to inform visitors if they are allowed to enter, or a public announcement — well-suited for controlling occupancy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Intelligent Insights also offers object counting and people counting widgets. Object counting enables users to accurately count the number of vehicles or customer-defined objects within the field of view of one or more cameras. It is ideal in situations with fast-moving objects, such as roads or crossroads, where traffic frequency rates must be tracked to determine data such as peak or low traffic periods, according to the company.

People counting is used to count individuals, for example, when entering or leaving a building. This widget can aggregate the counting information from multiple cameras to provide users with an early warning when a sudden increase of people is detected, indicating a potential security issue. Intelligent Insights uses only anonymous data from cameras, ensuring people’s privacy is protected at all times.

With the object positioning widget, users can get a real-time overview of all objects moving in a certain area — helpful for applications such as perimeter protection. Based on their GPS position, which can be determined by cameras that feature built-in video analytics, the objects are plotted onto a map and classified with icons.

Intelligent Insights starts with a basic license that includes all widgets and one dashboard, displaying 16 widgets. When needed, dashboards and widgets can be added according to customer needs and requirements.

Furthermore, when customers use Bosch Intelligent Video Analytics, output and data from the Camera Trainer technology (included in Intelligent Video Analytics), like counting statistics of customer-specific objects, can be visualized and reported. All this, combined with new widgets and functionalities incorporated in forthcoming updates and versions, makes Intelligent Insights a future-proof solution, the company says.

When integrated with the video management system of Bosch (BVMS), users can manage their live and recorded video streams and Intelligent Insights data within one unified graphical user interface. This integration eliminates the need to switch between multiple applications to get a complete picture of the situation.

The integration with BVMS also allows customers to enhance their video security solution to an integrated security solution that covers intrusion detection with B- and G-Series and access control management with the Access Management System 3.0.

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