BriefCam Update Brings New Features for Multisite Deployments

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BOSTON — BriefCam, a provider of video content analytics, announces the release of BriefCam v6.0, which introduces the new deployment option of a multisite architecture.

This feature is said to enables businesses with multiple, distributed locations to view aggregate data from all remote sites to uncover trends across locations, optimize operations and boost real-time alerting and response — all while utilizing BriefCam’s powerful analytics platform for making video searchable, actionable and quantifiable.

Multilocation businesses, such as retail franchises, building management companies and chain establishments, are often challenged to understand why certain sites are more successful, productive, or optimized effectively for safety than others, the company posits. Leadership is left wondering what factors are responsible for success, how less profitable stores can be optimized to drive more traffic and sales, or what measures can be put in place to increase safety across all locations.

BriefCam v6.0 unlocks the valuable insights hidden within volumes of video content across multiple locations, making video searchable and actionable for increased productivity, safety and ROI, according to the company.

Businesses can aggregate and compare such features as visitor paths, dwell time, customer demographics, traffic hotspots and background changes — across locations, all on one centralized management dashboard.

BriefCam says this insight can help organizations develop strategies to enhance the customer experience, improve retention, optimize product placement and marketing, boost sales, and protect consumers.

“As the adoption of video analytics has grown, businesses have learned that its value goes beyond safety and security to encompass business intelligence and operational efficiencies,” says Igal Dvir, BriefCam’s new vice president, product & technology. “Our multisite architecture takes it a step further, allowing our customers to glean lessons from their highest performing localities in order to maximize the success of all locations.”

The BriefCam Multisite Solution is a federated BriefCam system comprised of a centralized Hub at the data center and BriefCam servers at each individual site, including:

  • Aggregated data at the Hub from the site servers to support:
    • Centralized Research dashboards
    • Centralized Respond alerts
  • Local processing of site video to:
    • Preserve data privacy, only video metadata leaves the site
    • Send Research data and Respond alerts to the Hub
  • Site-based capabilities:
    • Video investigations using Review
    • Respond rules and Research source management
    • Watchlists management
    • Local administration

BriefCam v6.0 also features accuracy and performance improvements, including an improved face recognition engine that increases in the wild face matching detection by 17%.

Face matching with face masks is also supported, and the accuracy of this capability has been dramatically enhanced with this latest release, according to the company.

BriefCam says these improvements enable greater acceleration of video investigations and situational awareness by rapidly matching faces in video, both forensically and in real-time.

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