BriefCam Releases 2023 M1 Version of its Video Analytics Platform

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Boston  – BriefCam has announced the release of version 2023 M1 of its video analytics platform, which the company will showcase at ISC West in Las Vegas. With this version, BriefCam debuts its Custom ClassifID solution, and also introduces optimizations to the platform’s infrastructure, real-time performance and accuracy, as well as new features to enhance usability and investigation efficiency.

With Custom ClassifID, organizations can define additional object classes for video search, alerting, and intelligence, on top of the set of detected classes available in the BriefCam Video Analytics Platform. With environment-specific classifications – such as unique vehicle types or uniformed employees – users can independently tailor the video analytics technology to meet their specific and evolving needs at scale without sending data off-site or outsourcing classifier network training.

BriefCam has also improved usability for the existing and ever-expanding set of metadata classes and attributes that can be searched, alerted on, or visualized for analysis and decision-making, the company reports. The enhanced UI includes new customer-driven capabilities designed to accelerate video investigations and drive efficiency across the platform.

“The strength of BriefCam’s solution is in the extensibility of its analytics capabilities across the platform for accelerated video search, real-time alerting, and data visualization and analysis,” says Dana Keren, BriefCam VP of product. “The addition of the revolutionary Custom ClassifID innovation further empowers our customers to maximize that value by defining and training AI neural networks on-site to better serve the needs of their unique environments.”

Beyond the user experience, BriefCam notes that it has bolstered its technology with a significant infrastructure improvement to drive increased performance, accuracy, and speed for real-time channels.

“By aligning our technology with AI-industry standard Linux-based processing, we have positioned our platform to seamlessly scale and flexibly support additional AI-driven capabilities and services that translate video into impact for end customers – all while improving their everyday experience with real-time video analysis for instant review, intelligent alerting, and operational insights,” says Igal Dvir, BriefCam CTO.

The company reports that users upgrading to 23 M1 leveraging the existing Windows-based infrastructure and hardware can expect an optimized throughput of up to 25% for real-time and on-demand channels; those upgrading to the Linux-based infrastructure will realize 100% increased throughput for real-time channels: “This means that users can confidently and accurately analyze more video data in real-time, including leveraging real-time channels for instant video review and investigation, with less hardware and a lower total cost of system ownership.”

“Our customers and their impactful applications of our technology are the true driving force and inspiration behind BriefCam’s innovation,” says BriefCam CEO Liam Galin. “Our enhanced infrastructure and innovative features enable BriefCam to keep our customers at the cutting edge, so they can scale their operations, meet the needs of their communities and customers, and make faster, more effective decisions. Our charge to our customers with this new version is to continue driving meaningful impact – we’ll continue empowering you with the tools to do so.”


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