Buffalo Public School District Improves Security and Simplifies Infrastructure

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HOUSTON – The Buffalo Public School District, which serves 28,000 K-12 students at 70 schools in western New York, has modernized its security footprint with i-PRO multi-sensor and 360-degree fish-eye network cameras and i-PRO NV300 network video recorders (NVR).

Buffalo’s school modernization project started with replacing 2% of their older interior PTZ cameras with i-PRO 5MP fisheye network cameras with 360-degree coverage while swapping out their obsolete recorders with i-PRO NV300 NVRs.

Through several phases, they upgraded a large percentage of their 5,000 older cameras with new i-PRO vandal-resistant dome cameras, additional 360-degree fisheye cameras and placed multi-sensor cameras for building exteriors and common gathering places.

Additional NVRs were upgraded to the newest i-PRO NX400 recorders running i-PRO ASM300 monitoring software.

Why Buffalo School Officials Chose i-PRO

Advancements in camera technology had prompted Buffalo school officials to modernize cameras primarily because certain camera deployments were limited in their field of view, causing security teams to miss some events and incidents.

As well as solving that issue, by updating to i-PRO fisheye cameras in hallways where schools had two cameras, school officials were able to replace them with a single camera.

“Feedback from across the district has been extremely positive,” says Buffalo Public School District security engineer John Waterhouse. “Reducing camera count was a huge benefit not only for our budget but in terms of maintenance, too.”

Waterhouse also pointed to a critical, but important, benefit to modernizing with a solution that builds in cybersecurity by design, noting that in a recent ransomware attack on the district, “the i-PRO cameras and recording system were immune to the attack. They performed flawlessly throughout the event.”

Looking ahead, Waterhouse anticipates taking advantage of some of the advanced edge-based AI analytics offered in the i-PRO cameras.

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