Camect Launches Dealer Program for Security Professionals

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Startup Camect, maker of an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled home security camera hub with local video storage, is launching a dealer program for installing security professionals.

The Camect device unifies the management of compatible security cameras and uses advanced AI technology to provide highly informative alerts in real-time, according to the company. Camect’s AI is said to detect more than 30 types of objects and can eliminate false alerts from bugs, animals, leaves, rain, shadows and more.

With Camect’s All-Pro program, security professionals can deliver best-in-class AI that will eliminate junk notifications and deliver a better user experience for their customers, according to the company.

Camect is fully contained within affordable on-site hardware and is said to be significantly more accurate than more expensive products that rely on Cloud-hosted analytics. The device is easy on bandwidth, records continuously and will continue to function in the event Internet connection is lost. These benefits are presented in a straightforward user experience that requires minimal configuration. Camect products also establish better privacy and security by storing and analyzing all video data locally, according to the company.

The desire for interactive security systems is raising the adoption of smart connected devices and services in homes and businesses. Leading the way are IP cameras that bring awareness, security, safety and convenience. Although security cameras may provide real-time alerts from motion detection or use AI technology, the cameras usually deliver so many random and irritating alerts that they fall short on providing actionable information for end users. As a result, users turn off the alerts or ignore activity that warrants further action. Cloud-based cameras also unfortunately transfer and store customer video data offsite where it is beyond the control of the customer.

Since Camect’s product launch in 2019, the company says it has worked to collect customer feedback and noticed that a large portion of active users were professional installers. Installers found Camect easy to install, compatible with many of the cameras they use, and able to provide the highest quality and most informative alerts, according to the company.

Camect subsequently decided to implement a program with extra features that make it easy for installation professionals to deploy and manage Camect-based video systems for homes and businesses. For video monitoring service applications, Camect is compatible with Bold Group’s Manitou Software, Sentinel by MonitorSoft and with Immix by SureView Systems. The company says it is also working on other software monitoring integrations.

“We received valuable feedback from many professional installers and identified process and feature improvements that will make their deployments easier,” says Arup Mukherjee, CEO of Camect. “It made sense to build a professional program focused on the needs of pro installers and integrators.”

Camect’s All-Pro program allows security professionals to have access to professional grade Camect products with advanced features. The All-Pro program includes device setup and provisioning that allows easy configuration of devices and transfer of the installation to customers. After the customer setup is complete, a professional can manage ongoing billing and own the customer relationship.

Security professionals are also able to unlock additional features such as adjustable detection sensitivity or video monitoring service applications. In addition, the Camect All-Pro program provides direct support and training materials to help security professionals scale integrations across their teams.

The new dealer program is now available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. For additional All-Pro program details and to apply to join the program, go here.

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