Canopy Pickup Cam Provides Mobile Security

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DETROIT—Canopy, a smart vehicle security startup, launched its first product, Canopy Pickup Cam which is now available for pre-order.

The company states that Canopy was created in response to an increasing number of tradespeople and truck owners losing valuable tools, equipment, and gear to theft necessary to live their daily lives.

The Canopy Pickup Cam is a connected security camera for pickup trucks, designed to provide real-time truck bed monitoring when the vehicle is parked and the owner is away.

“Every day, vehicle owners load their trucks with the tools that make their work possible. These vehicles are designed to transport their livelihood, yet, they offer little protection. Traditional security measures, such as lockboxes, cables, and covers add unnecessary time and effort to the work day,” says Christian Moran, CEO, Canopy.

“The harsh reality is most people who use these products don’t find out about a theft until it’s too late. At Canopy, we saw these problems as an opportunity to redefine vehicle security. We combined the benefits found in smart home technology with our automotive and AI expertise to deliver a great connected experience for vehicle owners.”

Canopy explains the Pickup Cam provides customers with a complete view of the truck bed, with a 180-degree wide field of view, captured in high definition (HD). The company points out the camera has a dynamic LED bar that serves as an initial deterrent, signaling when the vehicle is under intelligent surveillance. Canopy notes that every Pickup Cam is connected to a Canopy Hub, which provides cellular connectivity and dedicated power to enable continuous monitoring. The complete system can be self-installed in about 15 minutes.

Canopy Pickup Cam Supported by ADT Monitoring Services

The camera works with the Canopy Security app where you can view live video and past recorded events. Users will receive a push notification whenever suspicious activity is detected. Recorded footage is stored securely on the cloud. The app also includes an on-demand Emergency help feature that connects users with an ADT professional monitoring agent.

Canopy’s initial pre-order run is specifically designed for truck bed security and retails for $299, with a subscription of $14.99 per month. The subscription fee allows Canopy to protect users anywhere their vehicles are located at any time. The subscription also enables several connected benefits including 4G LTE connectivity, secure cloud storage of users’ data, as well as real-time alerts, ADT emergency help, and access to future software updates and new feature rollouts.

Pre-orders for the Canopy Pickup Cam ends and opens to the general public in early Fall 2023, and the company adds for the first 1,500 devices, it will offer a 50% discount off the MSRP of $299 and the monthly subscription of $14.99.

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