CHeKT to Release Alarm Automation Rules

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SHREVEPORT, La. — CHeKT announces it is preparing its long-anticipated release of Alarm Automation Rules. Dealers interested in evaluating a beta version of the release can do so by request.

Many camera manufacturers tout the functionality of active deterrent cameras, CHeKT claims. However, the company notes that utilizing these cameras in practical applications and managing these systems on scale has proven to be difficult.

Adding an audio message to some camera brands is simple enough, but the task of allowing customers or the security integration company remote management and customized automated actions is quite another thing, CHeKT says.

CHeKT’s Automation Rules aim to provide dealers answers to these challenges and with practical methods of utilizing active deterrent cameras and IP speakers to enhance security services for customers. Dealers can utilize an alarm system sensor or camera analytics to automatically generate an audible or visual response using any IP speaker or onboard relays.

“This certainly changes the rules for all companies that install surveillance systems,” says CHeKT President Wes Usie. “With these features, dealers can install a proactive surveillance system and manage it from the CHeKT Cloud. The possibilities are endless, and this is an ideal service for protecting customers with exterior assets and the new security requirements for cannabis dispensaries and grow facilities. From playing a welcome message when someone enters the building to blasting an audible deterrent when someone is on the property after hours. When an event occurs, visual and audible deterrents are activated to create a genuinely proactive surveillance system for their customers.”

Earlier this year, CHeKT announced the integration of IP speakers and embedded speakers on IP cameras. This integration allows customers and monitoring centers audible command and control of a protected site.

Loading a site with pre-loaded audio files or scripted responses gives customers control from the CHeKT mobile app and alarm monitoring center agents a one-touch action to actively inform visitors or trespassers that they are under live remote video surveillance. With included live voice options, responding agents can give precise directives to potential criminals.

“Providing customers with an automated proactive response on a potential crime or just informing customers of business hours is a feature that many CHeKT dealers have requested,” says David Erickson, director of operations, CHeKT. “We’ve now completed the development of our Automation Rules. These rules will give the security companies manageable and scalable actions driven automatically during a specific situation.”

CHeKT says focus on Automation Rules has centered around improving the security services for customers and enhancing business services by utilizing visual and audible alerts.

As an example, with new Automation Rules, security companies can schedule arming and define a closing message that is automatically played over an intercom system or IP speakers and automatically turn on exterior floodlights at a specified time.

Once the site is armed, the CHeKT platform will automatically play a preloaded message when any camera is triggered. Messages can automatically change based on the time and day of the week, and all messages are managed from the CHeKT Cloud.

“CHeKT’s Automation Rule and Audio Management platform is 100% Cloud-based for all supported cameras and IP audio devices. This means integrators don’t need to remotely connect to individual audio devices to change or upload new messages,” adds Erickson. “Most IP speaker systems are programmed individually, device by device, and in the worst cases, a technician needs to perform a service call to update messages. This isn’t scalable for our industry.”

In addition to creating proactive audio responses to an alarm event, CHeKT dealers can provide small businesses with a welcome message played during business hours when someone enters the store.

With CHeKT’s Automation Rules, security companies can also automate CHeKT’s onboard relays for controlling lights, sirens, doors, gates, etc. Adding this to automated audio messages, dealers will have tools to create new service value and security value on every CHeKT protected site, according to the company.

In addition to automatic relays and audio messages, dealers can generate additional video events for the customer or central station when a defined condition occurs. Dealers looking to use one event trigger to create multiple videos will now have that flexibility with CHeKT’s new Automation Rules.

The official release date for the firmware update and these features is Nov. 29. Existing CHeKT security companies interested in an early release can contact CHeKT Tech Support or their alarm monitoring center.

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