Why Cloud-Managed Video Makes Installations More Profitable

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Often the profitability of a project isn’t determined by the initial installation, but by the number of support calls and truck rolls required after the job is done.

Integrators have to deal with recurring network connectivity issues, training infrequent or new local system users, onsite visits for simple troubleshooting or every time credentials need to be updated on a recorder.

Cloud-managed video systems can save integrators money by reducing nonbillable support hours associated with these issues. They make it easier to deploy and manage multiple sites by streamlining common everyday tasks like exporting and sharing video clips, managing users, configuring remote clients and resetting lost passwords.

Truck rolls can also be reduced through remote troubleshooting tools like remote links to camera menus for advanced configuration, automated updates, remote power cycling of PoE ports to reset cameras, and the elimination of static IPs and port forwarding that are prone to breaking remote connectivity to the system.

When combined with business intelligence reports, centralized user management, and health monitoring, a managed service contract becomes more compelling to end-user customers and more profitable for the integrator.

Ian Siemer is Vice President, Marketing & Product, OpenEye

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