What Happens When Crime Prevention Meets AI (And Why We Can’t Rely on AI Alone)

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Join us as we delve into the paradigm shift in the security industry, centered around the powerful combination of AI-driven technology and live human guards.

In an era where crime continues to evolve, relying solely on AI-based solutions proves insufficient in preventing sophisticated threats and false alarms. The webinar will emphasize the paramount importance of human judgment and intuition in tandem with AI technology to create a truly complete security solution.

Our session will explore how Deep Sentinel’s revolutionary approach combines the best of both worlds—advanced artificial intelligence and the presence of highly trained human guards. Together, these elements create an unparalleled level of protection for residential and commercial properties alike.

Key topics to be discussed include:

  • The limitations of AI-only security systems and the need for human oversight to respond to complex and unforeseen scenarios.
  • The seamless integration of AI-driven cameras, smart analytics, and human guards to provide real-time surveillance and immediate action when required.
  • Success stories from existing partners who have adopted the AI-human guard model, showcasing its superior crime prevention capabilities. Including video examples of real crime stops.
  • A comprehensive overview of Deep Sentinel’s partner program, benefits, and support provided to partners in promoting this innovative security solution.

Garrett Stone – Director of Channel Partnerships, Deep Sentinel 



Brandie Rushing – VP of Sales and Channel, Deep Sentinel


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