Custom Alarm’s Community Reputation Bags Bank Job

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It was another incredibly impressive showing for SSI’s Integrated Installation and Installer of the Year Awards. Read about the winners and runners-up throughout the month of July by visiting the Best of the Best page.

Custom Alarm prides itself on being a community-focused company. By embedding itself in the community, not only does it instill a sense of pride and accomplishment in its employees, but it also opens the door to new business opportunities. When Rochester, Minn.-based Sterling State Bank decided to construct a new headquarters, it wanted to work with local, community-focused companies.

“We have a longstanding relationship with them as we bank with them and they work with us for their other security needs at all of their locations,” says Custom Alarm CEO Melissa Brinkman. “We also have a relationship with the general contractor and they know the quality of work our team produces and will stand by all of our work and do what we need to do to make it right.”

When it came to integrating its security solutions, Brinkman says Sterling State Bank was very particular on all aspects of the job. Custom Alarm had to make several changes along the way to satisfy the customer’s requests.

“For example, they had a complete open concept with all glass/plexiglass for offices and meeting rooms which then caused us to have to special order custom mounts to incorporate physical door security due to the way we had to mount the door contacts to achieve the overall goal of protecting the premises,” she says.

The custom mounts were needed to install access control readers. Custom Alarm utilized Mercury hardware controllers with RS2’s Access It Universal software. The security system incorporated a Honeywell Vista 20P control panel with multiple zone expanders.

The surveillance system consisted of 32 Honeywell Performance Series cameras and a 64-channel NVR. Nearly 20 cameras were used on the interior to provide general overview of sensitive areas, while multiple 8MP fisheye cameras were installed in the open concept branch area. The bank is now able to remotely view cameras, which it could not previously do, as well as be notified when people enter the building.

When it came to fire safety the building was fully sprinkled. Smoke detectors were also installed for smoke dampers, elevator recall and in the vault area. The Notifier fire panel was fully addressable and also had notification throughout the building.

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