Dedrone Integrates Axis Cameras Into Airspace Security Solution

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STERLING, Va. — Dedrone, a developer of smart airspace security solutions, has announced that it has formed a partnership with Axis Communications to incorporate Axis network cameras into its command and control (C2) platform, DedroneTracker.

According to the company, with the Axis camera integration, Dedrone is now the first counter-UAS (cUAS) company to provide proven artificial intelligence (AI)- and machine learning (ML)-driven multisensor fusion to autonomously detect, track, and identify drones (DTI) with multi-target and multi-camera capability.

“Our partnership with Axis offers a robust, multi-layered airspace security solution for complex urban environments, such as New York City,” says Ben Wenger, chief revenue officer of Dedrone. “We pride ourselves on the ability of our C2 platform to offer high-quality DTI management while easily integrating with best-in-class technology like Axis’ network cameras to give customers the best solution for every scenario.”

Axis’ P/T/Z cameras, when integrated with Dedrone software, offer both wide-area coverage and high-resolution video. The cameras feed into Dedrone’s AI/ML sensor-fusion system, leveraging the DedroneDNA drone library, to accurately differentiate between drones and non-drones and then identify the drone model.

Dedrone’s C2 platform, DedroneTracker, continuously and autonomously examines potential targets in the background, then identifies potentially threatening drones, allowing the operator to track and mitigate as needed.

“We are delighted to partner with a leader in the counter-UAS space that understands the need for the highest-quality video data feeding into the Dedrone C2 platform for responsive, intelligent airspace security,” adds Drew Pacino, business development manager, technology integration Partner Program, Axis Communications. “We share the same goal of creating smarter security solutions for an evolving world, and we’re excited to provide this new use case for our cameras and further integrate our product suite into Dedrone’s cUAS solution.”

This airspace security system has already been successfully tested at several locations including Consolidated Edison’s New York City energy facilities, according to the company.

Consolidated Edison and Dedrone will speak at ISC East  on Wednesday, Nov. 16, 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. The session will explore how to build a threat assessment and a living security strategy that can rapidly respond to new threats as they arise.

“ConEdison demands a high level of intelligence and autonomy to ensure the safety, security and business continuity of our NYC Energy Center,” comments Scott Gross, facility security officer at ConEdison. “We selected Dedrone because it allows us to integrate our already existing Axis pan/ tilt/zoom cameras into DedroneTracker, enabling the P/T/Zs to provide an additional layer of situational awareness for faster drone risk assessment and better payload inspection.”

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