DICE Corp. Launches Managed Video Monitoring Services

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BAY CITY, Mich. — DICE Corp. has introduced Matrix Integrator, a Cloud-based video event monitoring, surveillance and alarm notification suite for video systems.

The new offering allows security integrators to provide end users with automatic and managed interactive video monitoring services while controlling their business operations at the same time, according to an announcement.

“In the past, DICE has been perceived solely as an automation software company for monitoring stations,” says Avi Lupo, DICE Corp. co-president. “However, the security industry has evolved from just a basic alarm panel and a central station providing simple alarm services. With the New DICE’s Matrix Integrator and our new technologies, we are offering integration companies, and the industry as a whole, a new way of doing business.”

Matrix Integrator is billed as a complete platform with services such as video verification, remote guarding, virtual guard tours, business management and virtual doorman. The platform leverages advanced video analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and Cloud recording of events. This includes object detection and human behavior analysis with real time notification, according to the announcement.

Said to be flexible, scalable and easy to implement and use, Matrix Integrator offers integrators a new way of selling video surveillance while also providing additional recurring monthly revenue (RMR). Using DICE’s exclusive hybrid technology, integrators can bridge to a professional central monitoring station of their choice at any time, according to the company.

Many event applications can go directly to an end user’s cell phone and/or to Cloud video recording. Integration companies can also choose to bridge to a professional monitoring station of their choice to monitor accounts at night, weekends or 24/7.

“Central stations are not required but it is an option. Some services are managed and require operators to handle them, while others are automatic and can be provided without staff,” Lupo explains. “So central stations are providing managed services for the integrator, but the technology and control is in the hands of the integration company.”

All Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) technology, including receivers, reside in the Cloud at DICE’s secure UL/ULC data center.

Any camera or NVR (regardless of the manufacturer) can provide analytics without the need to invest in expensive new technology. The unified platform also provides controls for all IP cameras, P/T/Zs and field devices, as well as one-click camera views. Plus, automatic version updates are provided via the Cloud.

There is minimal upfront cost for both integrators and end users in installing a new system, according to DICE Corp. In most cases, the integrator has no need to return to the site to upgrade and provide these new interactive services.

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