Digital Provisions Combines Multiple Electronic Systems to Upgrade, Unify School District

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Securing a school district is no easy task. Myriad details must first be assembled such as various specifications, floorplans, blueprints and more across multiple buildings. When Rocky Point Union Free School District came calling to Ronkonkoma, N.Y.-based Digital Provisions for a security overhaul, the integrator was well equipped.

Digital Provisions has a custom Cloud-based project management application (PMA) that inventoried all existing and projected new devices. “This PMA provided real-time status throughout the installation process for all who needed to know. Using the template in real-time, Rocky Point Superintendent Scott O’Brien was able to see up-to-the-minute status and project progression at a glance,” explains CEO Brian Selltiz.

Among the new technology introduced to the school were high definition cameras and Milestone VMS, which connected the Suffolk County-based school district directly to the local police department.

Digital Provisions also wrote a custom API to bring LenelS2 access control doors directly into Milestone’s access control module. Selltiz says this enabled the diverse programs to talk to each other and provided full situational awareness of the electronic access control system (EAC) from within the Milestone Smart Client.

The integrator combined multiple electronic systems together for a fully unified solution that can be readily accessed in a single connected system, integrating EAC, VMS, LPR analytics, door ajar notifications, video intercoms, wireless point-to-point, fiber connectivity, lockdown functionality, strobes and desktop alerts.

“Integrating LPR analytics into the solution added the ability to automatically read license plate information from vehicles and to create instant alerts should a hot-listed vehicle enter the property. The wireless point-to-point and fiber connection part of the solution connected all cameras which were not mounted to each building directly. This allowed for optimal camera placement in areas such as the press box, the sports fields as well as the entrances and exits,” says Selltiz.

Thanks to these integrations, Rocky Point security guards can now use a single interface to gather a common operating picture of the entire district’s security.

View the slideshow for a look at some of the solutions installed across the school district.

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