An Easy Solution for More Secure Surveillance Installs

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Offering your clients peace of mind is essential and providing solutions that are easy to use and secure allows dealers to build profitable businesses. An overlooked part of a reliable security solution is the ability to keep it safe from external threats. For example, the most hacked device in IoT is the surveillance camera.

Most often, remote access is achieved through DDNS and port forwarding, giving hackers a path into your system. Traditional point-to-point solutions (P2P) eliminate that doorway, but Luma Surveillance’s LumaLink P2P offers even more: greater security, simple setup via OvrC, and full remote access — not just mobile access.

Once your system is set up, keeping it running with minimal service is key. Nothing eats into your profits like repeated truck rolls for minor issues.

Little things like getting a new modem due to an ISP change, setting up a new phone, updating firmware, or rebooting a camera to bring it back online can force a costly truck roll.

A remote management platform like OvrC with LumaLink eliminates these pain points and many others, increasing the value of your service and making your life easier.

Alex Patrao is Director of Product – Surveillance, SnapAV

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