Elite Interactive Adds AI-Based Software to Check Camera Health

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LOS ANGELES — Elite Interactive Solutions, a provider of remote guarding services to properties of all types, has incorporated new software using artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically monitor and detect surveillance camera complications beyond simple connection issues.

The AI-software from Las Vegas-based Ai-RGUS replaces time-consuming manual camera-view verification, alerting the Elite Interactive team to incorrect camera tilt, blurry or blocked images, inadequate lighting and other device health issues.

Elite Interactive COO says the new software is another example of the company’s dedication to innovative technologies that enhance customer service and help achieve zero false alarms reported to law enforcement organizations. Elite Interactive is using the software on more than 5,000 cameras installed nationwide.

“We are always looking for ways to serve our customers better,” he says. “Manually monitoring each camera is a logistical nightmare. The Ai-RGUS software automatically checks each camera’s health at pre-determined times and alerts our engineers to any issues saving time, money and other resources. The integration is a major benefit to our clients as a camera problem can result in a crime going undetected.”

Dr. Daniel Reichman, CEO and co-founder of Ai-RGUS, comments he’s excited to be working with an industry leader like Elite.

“The Elite team shows a deep appreciation for new technology capable of better protecting people and property,” he says. “Our software will enable Elite to detect camera health issues before they become a problem.”

Elite Interactive uses remote guarding to help prevent active shooters, vandalism, theft and loitering with real-time monitoring and priority response to enhance security and reduce costs. The company‘s agents, located remotely in a centralized command center, use voice-down technology to view and communicate with intruders, thereby helping to prevent crime before it starts.

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