Evolon, ZeroEyes Announce Partnership to Enable Long Range Gun Detection

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DALLAS — Evolon Technology, a developer of proprietary software technology that takes security video and turns it into real-time actionable information, and ZeroEyes, creators of the only AI-based gun detection video analytics platform that holds the U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation, announce a strategic partnership.

The collaboration is said to marry the long-distance object detection capabilities of Evolon’s analytics with the proprietary AI gun detection technology of ZeroEyes to provide a robust long-range gun detection solution.

The integration between the ZeroEyes AI gun detection platform and Evolon Edge enables users to detect and track individuals carrying firearms at distances greater than a football field away, according to the announcement.

“Current events point to the need for a partnership like ours,” says Kevin Stadler, Evolon’s president and CEO. “Fundamentally, we recognize that the sooner you can see a threat, the sooner you can neutralize it. This partnership serves as an opportunity to leverage the very best in analytics and AI technology to foster a smarter and safer environment for everyone, particularly in places where public safety is paramount.”

The companies say this capability has the potential to give users additional lead time in dealing with gun-related threats in public places such as schools, shopping centers, casinos and more. The ultimate goal is to provide earlier detection of a threat, giving ample time to lock buildings down, notify authorities, sound alarms and get people to safety.

“This alliance could help us save even more innocent lives,” says Mike Lahiff, CEO of ZeroEyes. “Schools, businesses and other organizations will be alerted of brandished guns when the offender is still hundreds of feet away, giving them time to lock the doors and move everybody to safe areas. Our vision is a world in which we no longer need to fear losing our loved ones to gun-related violence, and this technology integration brings us one step closer to that reality.”

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