FLIR Releases Major Update to United VMS Software

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ARLINGTON, Va. — FLIR Systems (NASDAQ: FLIR) has released a major update to its United Video Management System to provide users with an improved user experience, safer network security and full control of security system components.

The FLIR United VMS 9.0 family of solutions includes the FLIR Latitude VMS software as well as Horizon and FLIR Meridian NVRs, which are compatible with the new 64-bit release.

United VMS is an open platform solution that efficiently supports numerous cameras and edge devices, according to an announcement. United VMS, which is comprised of the FLIR Latitude network video management system and Horizon and Meridian NVRs, is said to accurately match any size installation and help reduce the cost of ownership.

It also supports both FLIR visible and thermal security cameras, including the new A400-EST and A700-EST cameras for elevated skin temperature screening applications.

“Video management systems are the backbone of effective security and surveillance programs, and the latest United VMS 9.0 update will help professionals manage facility safety and improve efficiency and security,” says Daniel Gundlach, vice president, global business development, solutions business at FLIR Systems. “United VMS is customizable and scalable for any size deployment in critical infrastructure including data centers, utilities, oil and gas, and airports.”

FLIR United VMS 9.0 is said to offer a modernized user experience, with new dark-mode for the control and administrative centers, as well as simplified menus and viewing windows. The thumbnail search with digital zoom helps users further refine areas of interest by focusing and magnifying within the video image.

The introduction of timeline scrubbing directly in the video pane further streamlines operations. The software update includes advanced forensic functionality for smooth playback of events, improved sync playback, reverse playback, and resiliency in recording.

The new FLIR Health Monitor tool helps large enterprises to maximize system uptime and adhere to compliance guidelines. It provides real-time system status and includes information about the server, services, and cameras. The application is built directly into United VMS and connects to the FLIR Cloud, allowing multiple users to access data anytime, anywhere.

FLIR United VMS 9.0 is cybersecurity hardened to meet today’s evolving threat landscape, according to the announcement. Cybersecurity improvements include a new password policy, unsecured camera blocking policy, load certificate mechanism, and secure communication between VMS services.

The scalable and flexible architecture efficiently supports systems of any size and can be implemented throughout an enterprise spanning multiple sites, cities and continents.

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