Upscale Florida Condo Adds New Surveillance Solutions, Including Facial Recognition

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MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Continuum is a two-tower 38-story resort-style oceanfront condominium, located on the southern-most tip of Miami Beach in South Florida.

Set on twelve acres of manicured grass, with three clay tennis courts, two pools and an outdoor restaurant, property prices range from $1.5 to $35 million. When it comes to security, the development wanted to ensure it was using the very latest video surveillance technology to provide security, privacy and comfort for its residents.

iDentyTech Solutions has been the security provider for Continuum since 2016. The company, which specializes in identity management products and solutions, was tasked with implementing state-of-the-art biometric access control at the 203-unit North Tower, as well as the common areas.

Using multispectral imaging fingerprint and facial recognition technology, iDentyTech outfitted each door on site with its IDTWallmount.

When iDentyTech came on board as Continuum’s security provider, outdated cameras initially were in use sporadically across the site, leaving several blind spots and missed areas of coverage.

iDentyTech would then help Continuum identify these blind spots and installed new cameras, adding over 100 cameras to the property in 2017 alone.

Most recently, iDentyTech has added its facial recognition platform to Continuum, using the latest Axis cameras as its preferred facial recognition camera brand.

These new Axis cameras are said to enable Continuum to take advantage of iDentyTech’s in-motion facial recognition software capabilities, being installed at entry points to the property, and now being offered to control elevators allowing residents to be immediately authenticated and then taken directly to their floor — all without needing to push a single button.

To date, iDentyTech has upgraded all of Continuum’s 230 internal and external surveillance cameras that monitor every angle of the site.

To optimize the performance of the new all IP network surveillance camera infrastructure (including a combination of outdoor dome, wide angle, multidirectional, bullet and 4K resolution cameras), a the right video management system (VMS) was required.

Qognify, being an Axis partner with many field proven integrations, was ultimately chosen. Furthermore, with Ocularis offering support for more than 5,000 different devices from over 80 different hardware manufactures, it provides the scalability and futureproofing required for a site that demands the latest and very best security technology, according to the organization.

“iDentyTech already had a long and trusted relationship with Qognify. In fact, Ocularis was the first official VMS integration with our own identity management software, IdentyManage. It was the obvious choice for the North Tower project,” says Director of Support & Customer Relations at iDentyTech Ross Logan.

Qognify’s Ocularis 5.4 Ultimate was specified and deployed at Continuum on South Beach’s command center and currently manages 264 channels.

The command center is manned 24/7/365 by skilled security operators, who monitor every camera feed from three workstations, via a video wall make up of six 50-inch 4K monitors in a two by three grid. Combined with Ocularis, the IdentyTech C4I solution on site currently manages all of the following: access control, video surveillance, LPR, visitor management, vehicle entry and all amenities.

Continuum on South Beach’s surveillance system made the headlines in August 2018, for aiding the police when its cameras captured footage of a suspect connected with a killing in Alabama, who was in turn arrested.

Logan adds, “The combination of Axis cameras and Ocularis truly presents the best of what is possible in high-quality video surveillance, allowing us to provide the security, privacy and protection our customer expects. The integrated system is also important to the comfort of residents. Cameras are trained on every access controlled door and constantly monitored, ensuring those permitted to enter and exit these areas are not impeded.”

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