Genetec Launches Grants Support Team to Assist U.S. Public Sector Agencies

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MONTRÉAL — Genetec has introduced its Genetec Grants Support Team (GGST) to assist U.S. public sector agencies research, select and apply for grant funding for their technology projects. In a press release, the company says grants often provide key funding for organizations to introduce solutions that help them better serve their communities. However, public sector teams may not have the time and resources available to research and apply for available grant opportunities. The GGST can now support them, serving as an extension of their internal team throughout the grant process, according to the release.

“Grant funding can provide significant resources for public sector organizations implementing new technology solutions,” says Rick Taylor, national director for public sector at Genetec. “However, with so many grants available, it may be challenging for agencies to navigate the grant research and application process. The GGST will partner with an agency’s team from start to finish as they seek to secure grant funding. This could entail consultation, funding research, or complete grant writing assistance.”

This year alone, Genetec says, more than 5,000 federal, state and foundation grant programs will be opened in the U.S., providing more than $990 billion in awards. Top candidates for grant awards include K-12 and higher education, law enforcement, public safety, county and municipal agencies, transportation, and utilities.

To help these agencies in the research and application for grant awards, the GGST is partnering with Grants Office, a national grants intelligence firm with a 22-year track record of helping public sector agencies find and secure grant funding. Together, they will offer a range of complimentary services including grant funder prospecting; project consultation; and grant application writing, editing, and review.

“In addition to individual consultation, we’ll provide quarterly updates on available grants as well as educational materials. We look forward to being a resource for public sector teams as they navigate the grant funding process, find suitable grants that fit their objectives, and bring their goals to reality,” says Jeanne Smith, GGST program manager.

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