Genetec Announces Major Upgrades for Security Center Platform

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MONTRÉAL — Genetec announces a new version (v 5.10) of its flagship unified security platform, Security Center.

Among the new enhancements, this major release allows more system components to run in the Cloud, reducing the gap between Cloud and on-premises security systems, according to the company.

Genetec says it also makes it easier to connect external systems and tap external data for use in dashboards, maps and investigations without relying on complex, specialized integrations.

The new version of Security Center brings enterprise video surveillance customers new options to facilitate their migration to the Cloud as well as support flexible hybrid-Cloud architectures.

Unified, Enterprise Video-Surveillance-as-a-Service

The new version of Security Center Omnicast­ — the video management system of Security Center — enables the seamless use of tiered Cloud and on-premises storage to manage short- and long-term video archives according to customer needs. It gives configuration flexibility and reporting capability, and supports various scenarios for real-time or on-demand access to video footage stored in the Cloud.

Depending on its recency and criticality, video can either be stored in high performance storage for fast access, or long-term storage to support flexible cost options, as well as data compliancy. To ensure maximum security, ingested video blocks are encrypted on-premises and then moved to the Cloud using encrypted communications channels.

“Last year accelerated the digital transformation of organizations big and small, inside and outside of the security industry,” says Francis Lachance, director of video & appliances product group at Genetec. “Omnicast Cloud Storage is not just terabytes in the Cloud. It’s a complete collection of media services that deliver the flexibility and sophistication enterprise customers need to successfully move to a hybrid-Cloud video surveillance architecture.”

Sipelia Communications Management, the module of Security Center that enables SIP-based communications between operators and intercom devices, has also been enhanced to offer support for Cloud-based deployment.

Genetec Record Fusion Service

Security Center 5.10 introduces a new, no-code solution to connect external data sources to enhance an operator’s situational awareness.

The new Record Fusion Service feature offers a simple, fast path to integrate third-party data streams from private or partner record publishers, such as traffic, utilities, weather feeds and more, according to the company.

Users can define tailored record types and consume data from a variety of sources including KML, JSON and CSV documents, or set up a REST application listening point to which these external services can push records.

The Genetec Record Fusion Service can be used across the entire unified platform to enhance awareness and response, provide contextual information on dynamic maps, be visualized in operational dashboards, in investigative reports, or in the unified monitoring interface.

The service supports a broad range of applications, from displaying user-defined and filtered information on a map with custom graphical elements, to combining various records from a wide variety of sources to create custom aggregate records that are useful to specific operators or roles.

Genetec says the Record Fusion Service increases agility, enables highly specific and relevant data to be quickly and easily added to the platform, and makes security operators more efficient in accessing timely, contextual information.

Mobility Features

With Security Center 5.10, Genetec Mobile, a unified app that enables users to access cameras, doors and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) units from their smartphones, now supports Genetec Mission Control incidents, and standard operating procedures.

This allows users to trigger or view active incidents on maps or in list format, and record incidents in the field to notify colleagues in the operation center.

A new specialized portal is also available to help customers manage mustering during evacuations. The Evacuation Assistant app connects to Security Center Synergis — the access control system in Security Center — so that when an evacuation is triggered, the system automatically starts to monitor the safety status of all personnel and visitors.

When people arrive at the safety area or muster point, they can badge their credential at a fixed or mobile reader, notify the muster captain that they’re safe, or inform them that someone might be at risk. If someone is shown not to have been evacuated, the system will automatically trigger a response so that security personnel can take immediate action.

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