Hailo Introduces Hailo-15 AI-Centric VPUs for Next-Gen Intelligent Cameras

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TEL AVIV – Hailo has announced its new Hailo-15 family of high-performance vision processors, designed for integration directly into intelligent cameras and to deliver superior video processing and analytics at the edge.

With Hailo-15, says the company, smart city operators can more quickly detect and respond to incidents; manufacturers can increase productivity and machine uptime; retailers can protect supply chains and improve customer satisfaction; and transportation authorities can recognize everything from lost children, to accidents, to misplaced luggage.

“Hailo-15 represents a significant step forward in making AI at the edge more scalable and affordable,” says Orr Danon, CEO of Hailo. “With this launch, we are leveraging our leadership in edge solutions, which are already deployed by hundreds of customers worldwide; the maturity of our AI technology; and our comprehensive software suite, to enable high performance AI in a camera form-factor.”

The Hailo-15 VPU family includes three variants – the Hailo-15H, Hailo-15M and Hailo-15L – to meet the varying processing needs and price points of smart camera makers and AI application providers. Ranging from 7 TOPS (Tera Operation per Second) up to 20 TOPS, the VPUs support multiple input streams at 4K resolution and combine a powerful CPU and DSP subsystems with Hailo’s AI core.

“By introducing superior AI capabilities into the camera, Hailo is addressing the growing demand in the market for enhanced video processing and analytic capabilities at the edge,” states the company. “With this AI capacity, Hailo-15-empowered cameras can carry out significantly more video analytics, running several AI tasks in parallel including faster detection at high resolution to enable identification of smaller and more distant objects with higher accuracy and less false alarms.”

With the new family of AI vision processors, Hailo is also using vision-based transformers in cameras for real-time object detection. The added AI capacity can also be utilized for video enhancement and better video quality in low-light environments, for video stabilization and high dynamic range performance.

In addition, the Hailo-15 vision processors family, like the Hailo-8 AI accelerator, are engineered to consume very little power, making them suitable for every type of IP camera and enabling the design of fanless edge devices. The small power envelope means camera designers can develop lower-cost products by leaving out an active cooling component. Fanless cameras are also well suited for industrial and outdoor applications, where dirt or dust can otherwise impact reliability, states the company.

“With Hailo-15, we’re offering a unique, complete and scalable suite of edge AI solutions,” says Danon. “With a single software stack for all our product families, camera designers, application developers, and integrators can now benefit from an easy and cost-effective deployment supporting more AI, more video analytics, higher accuracy, and faster inference time, exactly where they’re needed.”

Hailo will be showcasing its Hailo-15 AI vision processors at ISC-West in Las Vegas, at booth #16099.


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