IPVideo Corp. Halo IoT Sensor Integrates With Senstar Symphony

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OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada — Senstar, a provider of video management, video analytics and perimeter intrusion detection systems, announces the integration of its Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform with the HALO IoT Smart Sensor from IPVideo Corp.

The integration allows HALO users to monitor alerts and notify personnel of out-of-normal ranges or levels of vaping, sounds and gunshot, chemicals, air quality and health, within the Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform.

HALO, which features vape and air quality detection, audio analytics, chemical and environmental monitoring, now includes an all-new health index, which is said to help combat the spread of airborne diseases by providing occupants immediate alerts to dangerous conditions.

The HALO sensor can be deployed in areas previously off-limits to surveillance or other detection because of privacy concerns, such as restrooms, locker rooms, hotel and patient rooms — expanding the possibility for security detection and protection, according to the company.

“Our customers benefit from strategic technology partnerships like we have with Senstar and all the possibilities it brings for client safety,” says Jack Plunkett, CTO, IPVideo Corp. “Be it vaping prevention, security or identifying healthy spaces for occupants, this integration is a value proposition that allows Senstar clients to provide security for privacy areas across markets.”

The Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform with sensor fusion is a modular solution for security management and data intelligence. In addition to being an open, highly scalable video management system with built-in video analytics, it includes full-featured access control and perimeter intrusion detection modules.

Senstar says what sets Symphony apart from other systems is its sensor fusion engine. By intelligently combining low-level sensor data with video analytics, the sensor fusion engine is said to achieve the highest levels of performance, beyond that of the individual devices. Senstar Symphony seamlessly incorporates sensor fusion, event algorithms, and rule-based actions to provide unmatched capabilities, flexibility, and performance, the company says.

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