Honeywell Upgrades Pro-Watch Suite, Introduces Improved Situational Awareness, VMS App

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ATLANTA — Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announces the launch of Pro-Watch 5.5, the latest iteration of its Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite.

Honeywell Pro-Watch Intelligent Command, a user interface that allows organizations to construct a security system with total situational awareness via the seamless integration of video and access control solutions, can now be upgraded to Pro-Watch 5.5.

The upgrade is said to enables operators to respond rapidly and effectively to alarms or incidents by providing actionable intelligence including a unified alarm view with maps and associated video that includes Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to be followed, enhancing compliance with advanced reporting and reducing security risks.

The Honeywell Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite is a software platform designed for enterprise and critical infrastructure markets to help protect people and property, optimize productivity and ensure compliance with industry regulations — all while helping to reduce operational costs, according to the company.

Honeywell says key benefits and features include allowing users to:

  • Improve situational awareness: provides a unified view of alarms and maps, incident workflows and a space/area builder to create logical zones and group-based multisite views.
  • Upgrade integration with cybersecurity and data privacy: integrates new PW7K controller, enhances cybersecurity with Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) and improves data privacy with selective masking.
  • Enhance compliance: enhances compliance with advanced reporting and reduces security risks through a SOP process and end-to-end TLS 1.2 encryption and guided alarm/incident response.
  • Increase productivity and system uptime: improves operator efficiency with intuitive controls for incident management and simplifies maintenance with remote bulk camera firmware upgrade and camera password changes capabilities — includes specific non-Honeywell cameras.

Honeywell is also launching Pro-Watch Video Management System (VMS) R700, the latest iteration of its video management platform. Pro-Watch VMS R700 is said to control video subsystems to collect, manage and present video in a clear and concise manner.

It also intelligently determines the capabilities of each subsystem across various sites, allowing video management of digital video devices through a unified configuration and viewer.

Honeywell says key benefits and features include allowing users to:

  • Enhance productivity: allows users to access video footage and respond to alarms via mobile app — anytime, anywhere.
  • New video core features: reduces solution cost with advanced GPU video rendering, salvo sequences, 64-bit optimized recording engine and optimized server deployments.
  • Provide emerging technology support: works with H.265 smart video compression codec, multi-imager and fisheye cameras.
  • Improve situational awareness: provides multiple camera views in web clients, new integrations with artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics systems and geographic information system (GIS) online maps.
  • Integrate with Honeywell Series 70 AI cameras: integrates natively with current and future Honeywell cameras for edge analytics and annotations for license plate recognition, intelligent video analytics and object classifications video analytics.

To enhance situational awareness, Pro-Watch VMS R700 easily integrates with Honeywell Pro-Watch Intelligent Command.

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