i-PRO’s New Active Guard Plug-in Brings Real-Time Searches to VMS

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TOKYO – i-PRO Co., a global manufacturer of professional security solutions for surveillance and public safety, has announced the latest version of its Active Guard plug-in.

The company states that its AI-based plugin can turn video management systems (VMS) into powerful search engines capable of real-time searches or deep forensic analysis.

i-PRO boasts that its latest product is already supported by some of the security industry’s most popular VMSs, including Genetec Security Center and its i-PRO Video Insight. The new version of the Active Guard Plugin adds support for Milestone Systems’ X-Protect and i-PRO’s ASM300 software, as well as a high number of search attributes and new UI enhancements.

“With the addition of Milestone X-Protect, i-PRO Active Guard is now available to the major leaders in the global VMS market and will revolutionize how security officers conduct real time and post-event searches,” states Norio Hitsuishi, global head of product management at i-PRO. “These enhancements combined with the extension of our AI-capable camera lineup are creating a powerful end-to-end AI security ecosystem that allows businesses to take their security infrastructure to the next level. This latest announcement underscores i-PRO’s mission as a trusted next-generation partner to make AI the new standard in the security industry.”

I-PRO Active Guard Plugin Delivers AI-Based Analytics

i-PRO says its new Active Guard Plugin creates a more efficient and accurate AI-powered system without compromising on image quality or network performance. The plugin integrates seamlessly into the existing UI of the VMS, appearing as just another function tab.

It allows users to easily manage the AI analytics from multiple i-PRO cameras and allows users to easily set up sophisticated search parameters based on the industry’s largest number of search attributes which include gender, age, clothing color, facial characteristics, vehicle color and direction, and many more, according to the company.

i-PRO says with Active Guard, security officers no longer have to spend time looking at multiple screens for persons or vehicles of interest or watch hours of recorded video to search for important events. Operators can register specific characteristics in their watch lists (for example: “male wearing a red shirt and blue pants”) and the VMS will send users a real-time alarm whenever a match is identified, which is a feature that is unique to i-PRO.

According to i-PRO, these functions enhance real-time situational awareness and enables proactive security. The same process can be set up for fast data mining of events during forensic investigations.

i-PRO adds the metadata is captured and analyzed by AI network cameras at the edge, which use the Ambarella SoC to reduce bandwidth, which will eliminate the need for expensive servers. i-PRO Active Guard is a light-load and unique in the industry in that the edge-processed AI data results are sent to the Active Guard server eliminating the requirement for additional on-premises servers. The metadata is then searched and presented in the Active Guard plugin on the client.

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