Identiv Rolls Out Open Platform VMS, Hanwha Camera Partnership

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FREMONT, Calif. — Identiv (NASDAQ: INVE) announces  the launch of Velocity Vision, a unified, open-platform video management system (VMS) built to provide a data-enabled security solution delivering intelligence in a single-pane-of-glass view.

The solution collects more intelligent security and business data to support complex security strategies, reduces the gap between siloed systems and data capture, and makes it easier to connect external systems and data for use in dashboards, maps, and investigations, according to the company.

Velocity Vision is described as a comprehensive, inherently scalable security management platform that delivers situational awareness and proactive as well as responsive security for any size customer or any scale of facility, enabling security leaders to engage in faster response, comprehensive case management, and solid compliance.

Identiv says it delivers an unmatched combination of performance and reliability with the exceptional and trusted Hirsch experience in an open API security platform.

Organizations can integrate with existing investments, oversee operations with complete situational awareness, and increase the efficiency of investigations and optimize processes. It offers the ability to leverage all types of platforms: on-premises, Cloud, hybrid and mobile.

The Vision platform is seamlessly integrated with Hirsch Velocity Software and provides a verified, centralized security framework to deliver real-time threat detection and mitigation across an entire enterprise, according to the company.

It is said to be designed to make security operations smarter by allowing them to see, record and react to environments and make operations scalable, freeing up security teams to act faster with better data.

“This is the next step in Identiv’s mission to deliver end-to-end security solutions, providing enhanced video surveillance capabilities and a unified video management system,” says Mark Allen, Identiv GM, Premises. “This is more than just another VMS, it is a true open platform to build security deployments, consisting of highly specific and customized solutions for end-users while creating revenue opportunity.”

Velocity Vision scales up to 1,000s of devices and supports more than 8,500 different camera models at the API level. Beyond API, it integrates with more than 15,000 ONVIF-compliant cameras.

In addition, the solution is integrated with technologies from more than 100 ecosystem partners that provide the latest capabilities in artificial intelligence, GPS, access control and building management. A software development kit (SDK) is available for complete customization to address specific organizational or industry requirements.

“Our commitment to our customers is to enable them to achieve the highest levels of security with easy-to-use and manage systems,” says Steven Humphreys, Identiv CEO. “Technologies only best serve customers if they’re easy to buy, install and manage. We’ve accomplished this with Velocity Vision. Furthermore, our roots in high-end government security means this complete system has the most highly protected attack surfaces and is designed from the core to meet security, compliance, management and administration requirements, no matter the market or size of your organization.”

As part of the Velocity Vision end-to-end security platform, Identiv has partnered with Hanwha Techwin to provide a complete camera line. Hanwha has an extensive security solutions lineup and is committed to cybersecurity and National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) compliance.

Identiv is also launching a new best-in-class safety and security hardware portfolio, including client workstations, compute servers, storage, access control servers, analytics/AI servers, video recording servers, and switches with a five-year warranty, next business day service, and keep-your-own-hard-drive policy.

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