IDIS AI Box For Surveillance Gives Users The Benefits Of Deep-Learning Video Analytics

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IDIS’s complete range of NDAA-compliant video surveillance solutions are meeting the security needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes. The range of NDAA-compliant, 5MP Edge AI cameras and AI boxes from IDIS makes valuable analytics functionality easier to deploy, for a wider range of settings, than ever before. The cameras and AI Box for Surveillance add deep learning capabilities to systems without the burden of ongoing license fees or device connection costs. Both provide cost-effective options for users to leverage the power of AI video.

And, with the newly introduced IDIS all-in-one AI Box for Surveillance – the DV-1304-A – even businesses can gain impressive next-level value from their existing surveillance cameras. The device allows highly accurate and multiple analyses from just a single camera without any need for calibration. As a compact, 4-channel device, it comes packed with essential analytics including object and loitering detection and line cross, enabling users to take a more proactive and preventative approach to security without the associated price tag.

For larger organizations that want to benefit from the powerful capabilities of AI-powered analytics, IDIS is set to launch its NDAA-compliant AI in the Box – the DV-3200 — at ISC West. This latest enterprise-class, 64-channel server will come pre-configured with IDIS Solution Suite VMS and IDIS Deep Learning Analytics, which allows centralized control rooms to analyze up to 64-streams simultaneously. By adding boxes and taking advantage of IDIS Solution Suite federation services, enterprise-scale organizations will be able to manage and analyze an unlimited number of cameras across multiple sites.

The new range of NDAA-compliant, 5MP Edge AI cameras from IDIS make valuable analytics easy to deploy in priority locations. This is a more affordable way for users to leverage the power of analytics than AI NVRs or analytics software.

The cameras come with the assurance of NDAA-compliance, industry-best lifecycles backed up with extended warranties, and the reliability and robust performance expected of South Korean video technology.

IDIS’s latest AI Solutions all leverage the power of the in-house developed IDIS Deep Learning Engine and benefit from DirectIP® plug-and-play technology, so users can easily deploy additional boxes or edge cameras to expand their systems. With this approach, enterprises can maximize the value of their existing investments and take a proactive approach before losses, damage, or accidents occur.

IDIS ensured it has an AI solution that is affordable for organizations of all sizes, with a choice of VMS that come totally cost free, or the enterprise-level yet modular IDIS Solution Suite where users only pay once for the functions they need, with no maintenance agreements or ongoing device connection costs.

Whichever option they choose, IDIS AI solutions improve operational efficiency and exponentially advance the core functions of their security operations, including safety and incident response.

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