IDIS Virtual Showcase 2020 to Feature Latest Innovations

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IDIS is a global security company that designs, develops and manufactures surveillance solutions for a wide range of commercial and public sector markets. In order to foster a close connection with new and existing customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company is hosting an ongoing virtual showcase. Security dealers, integrators, end users and other industry stakeholders can access the showcase as their schedules allow.

Below, IDIS America President Andrew Myung details what industry professionals can gain from attending the showcase, along with discussing other industry trends and topics.

What inspired IDIS to put together the virtual showcase? What do you hope to accomplish with it?

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the cancellation of so many in-person events and exhibitions, it is still vitally important to IDIS to continue to support our customers. So much business is now being conducted virtually, and IDIS is proactively leveraging online platforms to present systems integrators, consultants, end users, and distribution partners with the solutions and technology they need to enhance their video surveillance capabilities and implement safe return to work solutions. Our Virtual Showcase 2020 is just one of the ways IDIS is maintaining the close and mutually successfully relationships we are so proud to have built our company upon.


IDIS America President Andrew Myung

Our goal is to educate new and existing customers on the myriad of benefits our products and technologies can provide. Visitors to the Virtual Showcase can opt to simply browse the booth or take a personalized tour. Because it is virtual, the Showcase enables us to continue to add new product offerings and technology innovations as we bring them to market, so it remains dynamic and up-to-the-minute. It is technology rich with solutions for real-world challenges and offers something for everyone – whether you’re a consultant, end user, distributor, or systems integrator. And, because 2020 has been a very isolating year for many between lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, we have designed the Showcase to be fun and collaborative!

We are also offering giveaways and running special promotional campaigns through the end of 2020 and well into 2021.  For example, anyone who registers for the Virtual Tour and takes a personalized demo can be entered to win a network surveillance home starter pack consisting of a compact 4-channel recorder and choice of mini dome or mini bullet camera —  an ideal compact and low-profile solution for residential or home surveillance.

What are some of the specific products IDIS will be highlighting, and what are some of their unique qualities? What benefits do they offer integrators and end users?

Visitors to the Virtual Showcase will be introduced to many new video surveillance and analytics innovations, all of which offer significant benefits to integrators and end users. Among them is newly launched IDIS AI Box for COVID-19 [DV-2232]. Powered by the industry’s most accurate IDIS Deep Learning Engine and compatible with IDIS Deep Learning Analytics [IDLA], the AI Box for COVID-19 is a simple add-on appliance that’s compatible with existing IDIS cameras and DirectIP NVRs, eliminating the need for complex analytics software or edge VA cameras.

These deep learning-based features will support safe return-to-work practices, compliance with government regula­tions, and industry-specific guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The IDIS AI Box for COVID-19 delivers video solutions with capabilities that facilitate social distancing, people counting and occupancy monitoring, crowd detection, mask detection, and dashboard and reporting tools that are important to better optimize workspace and for reporting compliance.

Visitors will also experience the next generation IDIS Deep Learning Analytics with 98% accurate AI-assisted notifications for object, intrusion, and loitering detection, as well as tools that leverage metadata to enable more reliable detection, better identification, easier verification, and more rapid investigation of incidents.

idisIDIS’s new Mobile Plus app, which integrates the company’s popular IDIS Mobile app with its network and digital recorders, network cameras, and IDIS Solution Suite VMS, will also be showcased. It delivers improved and more powerful functionality – anytime and anywhere – and gives users remote situational awareness of single and multiple sites, which is critically important in this COVID-era.

Also highlighted within the Virtual Showcase are the numerous IDIS cameras and NVRs that do not use or deploy critical components or System-on-a-Chip [SOC]) circuits produced by NDAA-banned component vendors, making them NDAA-compliant. These IDIS offerings include server-based solutions including NVRs that come pre-installed with our enterprise-level VMS, IDIS Solution Suite [ISS], which can scale to cover an unlimited number of sites and comes with optional modules for federation services, analytics, failover and fault tolerance, and video wall services so that users only pay for what they need and use. Compliant hardware includes a range of bullet and dome cameras together with powerful NVRs to manage 64 or 32 channels.

Because IDIS offers pragmatic solutions to meet the needs of customers in our focus vertical markets, the virtual booth also features IDIS solutions for logistics, education, and retail. These include new cameras, analytics appliances, and deep learning functions that meet sector and site-specific security and safety needs while also delivering valuable business insight.

What else is new or noteworthy about the company for 2020?

IDIS brings new and innovative technology solutions to market on an ongoing basis. Notably, we’ve penetrated new markets and opened up new video project opportunities for our system integrator partners in the cannabis production and retail sectors. Cannabis has proven to be a very resilient market. According to a report published at the end of June, 2020 in Marijuana Business Daily, U.S. retail marijuana sales are on pace to rise 40% in 2020, and near $37 billion by 2024.

However, this sector comes complete with its own unique and complex set of risks, including a pressing need to mitigate internal and external threats and to ensure regulatory compliance. Requirements differ state-to-state, yet most require full-HD surveillance in all light conditions and without blind spots, as well as 30-days of continuous video storage, complete with 24/7 monitoring in place. These requirements translate into an attractive opportunity proposition for IDIS system integration partners.

Despite the requirements, cannabis is a very competitive and price-sensitive market sector and one that, from the outset, quickly understood lifecycle costs as witnessed by the large amount of operators that set up indoor and outdoor cultivation sites anticipating annual yields. To stay profitable and remain compliant, many cannabis producers seek video solutions that are reliable, pay for themselves quickly, and afford them a low total cost of ownership [TCO] by being easy to deploy, use, and maintain. They’ve come to appreciate the benefits of affordable, high definition, comprehensive wide area coverage, and built-in failover, plus truly efficient data compression and storage options.

IDIS ultra-high definition fisheye cameras are providing cost-effective, panoramic coverage inside dispensaries and greenhouses, replacing 2-3 fixed lens cameras, while still delivering forensic level detail right to the periphery. IDIS also recognizes that these end users need affordable long-term solutions, with the scalability to add value through point of sale [POS] integration, functionality that will support inventory and stock control, and options to add deep learning analytics without replacing the entire system.

What is your company’s overall value proposition to installing security dealers/integrators? Why should they do business with you?

Total cost of service! The true plug-and-play solution IDIS offers delivers a viable value proposition when it comes to total cost of service [TCS]. Firstly, integrators can design and implement a complete surveillance solution working with a single vendor, which results in significant time savings versus working with two to three vendors. IDIS presents integrators with a diverse range of network and analog cameras, network and digital recorders, a choice of software and analytics, as well as all the necessary network devices and peripherals, including specialist surveillance monitors and video walls.

There’s also minimum configuration involved, so there is less chance of human error, and this leads to better physical and cybersecurity. DirectIP mutually authenticates devices and guarantees less chance of bugs in the system that hackers can exploit. There is no need for users to come up with unique passwords and change them periodically for each device. For multi-site deployments that need centralized monitoring environments, engineers benefit from the one-click IDIS FEN Service, which also means less chance of cyber loopholes.


These technologies combine to demonstrate part of a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity and allay the top concern of customers when it comes to the resilience of video surveillance set ups. Plug-and-play solutions also make the implementation of hardware and software smoother and faster. Systems integrators no longer need to worry about compatibility issues or frustrating device-configuration processes that can lead to project overruns.

Having a single solution provider watching over an entire surveillance set up also allows integrators to rest assured that they can deal with any problem that may arise during or after the project through a single window. The IDIS America sales team also works closely with integrator partners, giving them all the advantages of a concise product roadmap, making it easier for them to up-sell to newer tech, and plan upgrades.

Taking all of this into account means working with a true end-to-end, plug-and-play vendor reduces overall TCS and gives integrators more room to utilize their resources better and boost their earnings.

What do you see as some of the top opportunities in the marketplace right now?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed the demand for safe back-to-work technology solutions. IDIS, as a world-leading video surveillance manufacturer and total solution provider, is vigilant about supporting customers getting staff back to work and adhering to health guidelines by providing the technology solutions they need to adjust safely and securely to the new normal. IDIS solutions not only offer long term value but also allow businesses to pivot quickly and adapt to the next challenge.

Anything else you would like to add?

IDIS looks forward to hosting visitors to our 2020 Virtual Showcase and further acquainting them with the video surveillance and analytics solutions they need to stay successful and profitable. 2020 has been a daunting year for all. IDIS is so very proud to be a driving force in this most important industry that provides the technology, solutions, and support needed to rise to these unprecedented and daunting challenges. We look forward to welcoming visitors to our Virtual Showcase!

Simply to go the IDIS Virtual Showcase to register, or request a personalized tour and be entered for a chance to win a networked surveillance starter pack by emailing or visit

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