iDter Nio Guardian adds RTSP Options

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SAN MATEO, Calif.—iDter’s intelligent Niō Guardian deterrence solution now features Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) output for easy integration of video streams into multi-vendor Network Video Recorders (NVR) and Video Management Systems (VMS).

The company claims the combination of iDter’ support for RTSP output with previously announced Niō Guardians powered by PoE++ opens new opportunities for security dealers to easily integrate iDter’s active deterrence system to new or existing customer sites.  The intelligent Niō Guardians that automatically detect and immediately deter unwanted intrusion now conveniently replace existing passive IP cameras by reusing Ethernet cable and outputting the RTSP video to a current, onsite NVR or VMS.

“The RTSP stream from the Niō Guardian was simple to integrate into the two brands of VMS that we currently use.  We can now retrofit the proven iDter, automated intrusion-deterrence system to existing clients, utilize the in-place Ethernet infrastructure from current cameras and deliver the Niō video stream to the VMS,” notes Jason Herrington, vice president of Santa Rosa, Calif.-based Rinkor Technology Solutions.

Niō Guardian with RTSP Provides More User Friendly Conveniences

iDter explains RTSP controls provide access to remote sources of video and audio streams. Using RTSP, an NVR or VMS requests live video streaming from an intelligent Niō Guardian 4K camera.  RTSP uses the same concepts as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), making it compatible with existing networks.

RTSP also supports new camera integrations, allowing users to view and record live streams on existing security systems in real time, and the California company emphasizes the newly bolstered solution solve issues of vandalism, loitering and theft, all while earning recurring monthly revenue (RMR).

“The recent developments of Niō Guardian PoE++ with RTSP output opens the market for our security company to offer the iDter solution to a broader market in need of improved security protection through proactive and immediate deterrence, without dependency on police response,” comments Bill Mayer, president of Escondido, Calif.-based Dependable Alarm Systems.

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