Interface Systems Integrates i3 International into iSOCs

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ST.LOUIS, Mo.—Interface Systems, a managed service provider of business security, actionable insights, and purpose-built networks for multi-location businesses, has announced that it has expanded its customer offering by integrating the i3 International cloud-based video management and analytics platform into its interactive Security Operations Centers (iSOCs).

The company explains that interface iSOCs can now leverage real-time security camera feeds or access recorded footage captured by the i3 platform. The iSOC staff can easily search for video footage, gather video evidence associated with security events, verify alarm events to eliminate false alarms, and provide security escorts when customer store locations open and close. In addition, the integrated solution allows iSOC staff to access microphones and speakers deployed at customer sites to hear and speak to associates via the i3 video feeds.

“Interface’s growth strategy hinges on our innovation and commitment to delivering superior outcomes for our customers. Through the integration of our iSOC with the i3 platform, we empower customers to access advanced video management and alerting features in the cloud,” comments Brian Garavuso, chief technology officer at Interface Systems.

“Moreover, we extend these capabilities to our trained intervention specialists, enabling them to take decisive action in de-escalating risky situations or contacting law enforcement as needed.”

i3 International Platform Backed by Advanced AI Technologies

Interface Systems boasts that multi-site, consumer-facing businesses such as retail chains and restaurant brands that are looking to upgrade business security now have the option to deploy a powerful cloud-based AI video surveillance with data analytics, backed by advanced Interface remote monitoring intervention specialists.

“Our primary value proposition is our AI algorithm that accurately detects events or objects of interest from a wide variety of camera equipment on-premises or in the cloud. In large deployments involving hundreds of locations, a partner like Interface can leverage the capabilities of our platform and offer actionable insights at scale,” notes Vy Hoang, chief customer officer, i3 International.

“We chose to work on this product integration effort with Interface, as we had a comprehensive view of how Interface’s expert intervention specialists are able to secure customers from their sophisticated monitoring centers.”

Interface also points out that it will continue to expand the capabilities of its iSOC technology stack by rolling out deeper integrations with a wide range of technology solutions such as alarms, video management systems, and recording devices.

“The goal of these integrations is to offer customers the opportunity to extend the capabilities of their security solutions to our iSOC with minimum additional effort,” adds Garavuso.

“We believe asset protection and loss prevention teams can maximize business security ROI and proactively deal with threats when they choose to work with Interface.”

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