Johnson Controls Launches Illustra Pro 2MP Micro Camera for Discrete Applications

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MILWAUKEE — Johnson Controls has launched the Pro 2MP Micro camera for installations where a low-profile, high-performance surveillance camera is required.

The Pro 2MP Micro includes a lens that can be placed up to 20 feet away from the power supply as well as wide dynamic range to balance scenes where bright backlighting can be a challenge.

The Micro also operates at a minimum illumination of 0.01 Lux, facilitating excellent low light performance without the need for IR illumination, according to the company.

The discrete form factor makes it well-suited for elevators, banking and ATM deployments. Additionally, the Pro Micro includes corridor mode for improved viewing in hallways and other narrow scenarios. There is no added licensing cost for the Pro Micro when added to VideoEdge network video recorders (NVRs).

The Pro 2MP Micro features VideoEdge TrickleStor to allow video recording to continue when a network outage occurs. Once the connection is restored, the video from the Micro backfills to VideoEdge NVRs for viewing later.

Further, Illustra IntelliZip continuously monitors and optimizes streaming parameters to match the level of activity in the camera’s field of view, providing practical storage savings, according to the company.

The Pro 2MP Micro adheres to the rigorous security standards of the Tyco Cyber Protection Product Security Program. The holistic cyber approach begins at initial design concept, continues through product development, and is supported through deployment.

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