Johnson Controls Introduces Consolidated Tyco Cloud Solutions Group

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MILWAUKEE — Johnson Controls has consolidated its portfolio of Cloud-based access control and video surveillance solutions into a new product group titled Tyco Cloud Solutions Group.

Tyco Cloud is the flagship offering of the new product group. Formally called Smartvue — an enterprise solution launched in 1999 — Tyco Cloud is a Cloud-based security suite that is said to help customers move costly and complex security infrastructure to the Cloud. The solution is also said to enable installing security contractors to affordably deliver managed services.

Tyco Cloud runs on an open and modern micro services architecture to deliver fast, scalable and secure services worldwide, according to an announcement.

The Tyco Cloud Solutions Group umbrella includes exacqVision Cloud drive, Illustra Cloud cameras and Tyco Cloud gateways.

According to the company, the new solutions group provides the following feature sets to end customers:

Manage thousands of users, cameras and locations from one browser interface — Get status in real-time to address issues when or before they happen. See the entire surveillance system on a map and click on any camera or gateway to see details and troubleshoot instantly. Add, edit and delete users and remotely upgrade systems. Track and report on bandwidth utilization, live video viewing, recorded video playback, Cloud uploads, Cloud storage and more from one dashboard.

View 24 hours of video in 60 seconds — The Tyco Cloud VMS offers the Hyper View Event Search feature that enables users to search through video from up to 100 cameras at the same time in 60 seconds or less. Scrub through recorded video, see motion and other event marker to find what you are looking for and instantly go to full HD video in one click. Search by events, date, time, camera, then save and download any length clip or share it with anyone online using custom bookmarks. Zoom on any video clip and skip from event to event with one click. Playback any video at up to 8x speed.

Access video intelligence — Using any connected camera, users can run motion analytics and heat map reports. Sort and report by day, week, month. Download the report data to Microsoft Excel. Using Illustra Pro cameras, enable nine different analytics including object detection, abandoned/removed object, direction of travel, linger, dwell, enter and exit, crowd formation, and queue management. Run graphical reports and download data by camera, day, week and month.

Store and share video — Share video securely with anyone. Store video in cameras, gateways, Cloud or a hybrid combination. The Tyco Cloud VMS offers unlimited flexibility for Cloud recording in a simple to use interface. Select all cameras or any single camera, enter the number of days to record (from one day to one year or more) or to record only when motion is detected, then pick your video resolution and click save. Create custom upload schedule to upload video to the Cloud in the evenings or off prime time to save bandwidth. Turn on and off recording as needed.

Expedited installation of existing cameras or new Cloud cameras — Plug any Illustra Cloud camera into the network and register to the Cloud in less than 60 seconds. Or use existing cameras (thousands of compatible models from most of the leading manufacturers) with any of Tyco’s Cloud gateways, which will automatically find the cameras on the network. All Gateways are ONVIF compliant and designed to move current cameras to the Cloud cost effectively.

The following video contains more information about the new solutions group.

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