Keeping Pace with Video Surveillance Technology

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The growth of technology is truly mind boggling.

It’s moving so fast that we’re not even aware of the speed. The innovations just keep coming.

Consider that computer processing speed doubles every 18 months. That’s pretty amazing but to get an accurate picture of how far we’ve come in relatively short time, let’s take a look at what’s happened over the last five decades.

A little over a decade ago, there were no smartphones. About forty years ago, no one owned personal computers. Fifty years ago, a computer could take up half a building yet had one-tenth of one percent of the functionality of today’s smartphones. And it cost a million times more.

Computers and computerized systems can be applied to virtually any electric product, appliance, piece of machinery, medical device or anything else that requires adjustments, readings or settings. That is especially true in the video surveillance industry, where the recording equipment is constantly being upgraded and the means for analyzing, monitoring and communicating video images is becoming more sophisticated, not to mention more efficient, every day.

If you are a video surveillance integrator and want to stay competitive, it is mandatory that you keep pace with this exponential technology growth. If you don’t, you can be sure that someone else will, and that’s where customers will be headed. New and expanding technologies offer you a chance to grow your business and provide broader solutions to your customers and prospects.

Changes in the video surveillance market

With the development of new digital hardware and software – such as high definition, thermal cameras, audio systems, and analytics– video surveillance has become more effective, and more valuable, than we’ve ever imagined.

This increased functionality has also opened up new markets for the industry. For example, motion detection (along with the corresponding analytics) can now enhance safety by recognizing wrong-way motor vehicle traffic, erratic driving and loitering. In addition, the newer technology allows for the monitoring of larger spaces, such as airports, department stores, warehouses and train terminals.

Consumer behavior can also be analyzed, enabling companies to optimize their business practices. People counting technologies and heat-mapping capabilities can track customer traffic, identifying how shoppers move through stores, where they stop and for how long. These technologies can recognize long checkout lines as, alerting management to open additional registers or even add staff at certain times.

The bottom line is this: In order to stay competitive in the video surveillance market, you need to keep up with all the new products, trends, applications and innovations. 

Training and education

There’s only one surefire way to keep pace with all the changes in the video surveillance industry and that’s through ongoing training. Axis Communications considers continuous education essential to the industry and it’s no surprise that it’s a key focus for the organization. Along with subject matter experts, the organization staffs trainers and instructional designers for the sole purpose of curriculum development and delivery.

Accordingly, Axis offers a wide array of educational services including hands-on instructor-led classroom trainings, virtual instructor-led trainings, webinars, self-paced e-learning and an extensive online resource library. The importance of remaining current with industry developments goes far beyond simply selling the right product for the right situation. If you don’t thoroughly understand the technology, you might not be able to install it correctly or optimize its performance. Troubleshooting can also be a problem. Falling behind on the latest technology can wind up costing companies a significant amount of money.

Classroom, online and blended learning

Classroom trainings and conferences are still prevalent and offer distinct advantages such as face-to-face discussion and hands-on learning, but self-paced online learning (and its various forms such as e-learning and webinars) continues to gain popularity and offers benefits of its own.

While classroom training provides advantages when educational objectives require hands-on activity, online learning offers an unparalleled level of convenience and flexibility. It can be done anywhere, anytime with a computer and internet access. Most online learning courses enable users to progress at his or her own pace, repeating or reviewing sections as necessary.

Both classroom trainings and online learning programs have benefited from advancements in multi-media tools and the development of specialized fields like instructional design. The resulting use of digital technologies to deliver content has improved learning and information retention. Studies, including one by the U.S. Dept. of Education, suggest that digital technologies enhance learning and that a blended course of study can contribute to student success.

Axis Communications provides both types of training as well as a “blended” offering that includes in-person and self-paced online sessions.

Axis educational offerings

Axis Communications’ Academy offers comprehensive and professional video surveillance knowledge, training and insight. With our dedicated team of highly skilled trainers, dynamic learning methods and diverse course offering, Axis Communications’ Academy empowers security professionals to design, install and configure smarter video surveillance solutions for any end customer.

Through a blend of virtual instructor-led and classroom training, Axis Communications Academy provides professionals and end users with the expertise needed to succeed in an increasingly demanding industry. Learn more about our curriculum and find a program that fits your unique business needs.

Moving forward

With physical security and risk management at the top of the agenda for so many industries, business opportunity (and competition) continues to accelerate. For integrators, and resellers, staying educated on all the latest technology is more important every day. Because every day there is something new, better, clearer, smaller, lighter and faster. More importantly, there is a customer looking for that specific solution, and an expert who can provide it.

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