Milestone Unveils Forensic Analytics Solution Enabled by Briefcam

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COPENHAGEN — With the introduction of XProtect Rapid REVIEW, Milestone Systems‘ customers will be able to accelerate investigations and find what they are looking for with speed and accuracy, according to a press release.

Enabled by BriefCam’s video analytics technology, hours of video recordings can now be reviewed in minutes, bringing enhanced decision-making and momentum to any investigation, the announcement states.

Milestone’s XProtect Rapid REVIEW is described as an intelligent video analytics solution that allows security operators and investigators to efficiently search vast amounts of video recordings and pinpoint exactly what they are looking for in minutes.

XProtect Rapid REVIEW is an add-on product that is seamlessly integrated into Milestone’s XProtect Smart Client. The product is available from October 27 and it is supported on all paid XProtect VMS products.

“XProtect Rapid REVIEW is an ideal solution for Milestone XProtect customers, looking to enhance their VMS investment with premium forensic video analytics. BriefCam is thrilled to tap into a segment of the market not currently addressed, through Milestone and its vast partner ecosystem,” says Gili Rom, vice president of strategy and alliances at BriefCam.

Milestone Systems CTO Bjørn Skou Eilertsen comments, “Clearly, XProtect Rapid REVIEW is an important tool for our customers to help them speed up their investigation and in general work smarter with their VMS. Bringing the best solutions for our customers is our key focus.”

The new offering is said to enable highly accurate, cross-camera video searches and filtering, based on an expanding suite of classes, attributes, behaviors and visual layers that help investigators pinpoint people, objects, and behaviors of interest. The Video Synopsis technology is said to give the operator the ability to visualize objects simultaneously that appeared at different times within the video.

“The launch of XProtect Rapid REVIEW is a strategic partnership to bring video analytics closer to our core product and add further value to our customers’ XProtect investment,” says Eilertsen.

He continues, “We want to enable businesses and governments to harness the power of data insights, which can help them address scarcity of resources, security threats, and other challenges. Sometimes we may find that the best option is to integrate analytics in XProtect. That said, openness is built into Milestone’s DNA, XProtect remains an Open Platform VMS, and we continue to deliver the video management solutions that best solve customers’ needs through strong partnerships with our technology partners.”

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