Milestone Systems Set to Launch Camera to Cloud VSaaS Software

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COPENHAGEN—Milestone Systems, a provider of video technology, has announced the upcoming release of a new camera-to-cloud deployment option for its Milestone Kite video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) software.

Known as Milestone Kite Camera to Cloud, the company says the new option will offer higher levels of simplicity and cost-efficiency to customers. As an alternative or expansion to gateway installations, Camera to Cloud builds on Milestone’s focus on flexible and scalable solutions that support evolving needs.

“The combination of simplicity and cost efficiency makes Milestone Kite Camera to Cloud a highly practical choice for organizations with smaller or newly built locations, or simply those where having a gateway onsite would be impractical,” says Jesper Just Jensen, vice president products at Milestone Systems.

Camera to Cloud Platform Utilizes AI Analytics

The European company points out that Milestone Kite Camera to Cloud VSaaS works with a series of Axis cameras pre-installed with AI-based Axis Object Analytics. All computing, recording and video storage take place on the cameras, which connect directly to the Milestone Kite cloud. This can reduce bandwidth load and associated costs, as well as installation and maintenance costs.

According to Milestone Systems, VSaaS software is suitable for businesses with multiple locations with a small number of cameras at each site. It is also beneficial for those with limited IT knowledge, bandwidth limitations or situations where installing on-site gateway hardware is not feasible.

Milestone Systems notes that companies already using Milestone Kite with gateways can expand to new sites with its latest product announcement. The new sites will be recognized and managed as part of the same Kite service as the gateway deployments.

The company boasts this enhances the appeal of Milestone Kite as a suitable option for different budget and bandwidth situations, making Camera to Cloud a practical choice for businesses with multiple sites, such as those in the retail, hospitality, and education sectors.

Milestone Kite was introduced in January of this year to provide a simple, secure, and scalable cloud video security solution, particularly for small and medium-sized organizations looking for a budget-friendly video management option.

The Milestone Kite Camera to Cloud offering is set for release in Q1, 2024.

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