Mobotix IoT Camera Solutions Integrated With Stratocast VMS by Genetec

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LANGMEIL, Germany — After extensive development processes and testing, Mobotix announces that its portfolio of IoT camera solutions have been integrated in Genetec’s Cloud-based Stratocast video management system (VMS).

Genetec has been one of Mobotix’s most important technology partners for many years, the announcement states. Stratocast is designed to meet the needs of organizations that require a reliable and cost-effective video surveillance solution without the expenses and complexities typically associated with installing and managing on-premises surveillance systems, according to the company.

“The integration of our camera systems in Stratocast, whose high level of cybersecurity is put to the test in annual stress tests and evaluations, is another milestone in the long-term cooperative relationship between Mobotix and Genetec,” says Hartmut Sprave, CTO, Mobotix AG.

“When we make our technology available and integrate it into other solutions, it is paramount to us that we do not compromise on the cybersecurity of our systems,” Thomas Dieregsweiler, head of product management at Mobotix AG, adds. “Genetec and Mobotix speak the same language: We are one of the world’s first camera manufacturers to successfully integrate in Stratocast.”

Stratocast is designed specially for small and medium-sized businesses. Using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, Stratocast ensures access to live videos and video recordings that are stored cyber-safe in the Cloud, according to the announcement.

End users across the world utilize Stratocast, which is tailored to small applications under 50 cameras. Users require only basic computer expertise, as no computer infrastructure such as additional servers have to be installed on site and no maintenance or updates are required.

This makes the solutions affordable and very transparent for the customer. They only pay by usage. Stratocast allows the customer to circumvent typical server-based problems such as additional IT infrastructure or employees, lack of storage space, loss of records and unscalable prices or functionalities.

The scope of functions provided can also be extended by using the Genetec Security Center for central monitoring. This means the Cloud-based network can grow and develop according to the customer’s needs, the announcement states.

All communication between the on-site system and the Cloud is fully encrypted with TLS (Transport Layer Security). Genetec guarantees 99.5% availability (availability and access to video), according to the announcement.

All data is backed up three-fold in the Cloud. Genetec works exclusively with hardware and software partners who meet the high-quality standards for cybersecurity and data protection, the announcement states.

“We have integrated our technology into Stratocast’s technology over the last six months. All test series were completed successfully,” explains Thomas Lausten, CEO of Mobotix AG. “The excellent quality of our video solutions combined with a keen focus on cybersecurity and our global sales network is how we became one of the first camera manufacturers to integrate our technology in the Cloud-based Stratocast video surveillance system from world market leader Genetec.”

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