MoviTHERM MIO MAX Offers Seamless Integration with FLIR Cameras

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IRVINE, Calif.—MoviTHERM has announced the launch of MIO MAX, the next generation of the company’s MIO series.

According to the company, MIO MAX represents an advancement in remote monitoring technology, offering dealers high levels of compatibility, flexibility, and ease of use for FLIR AX8, A50/A70, and A400/A500/A700 thermal cameras.

The company explains the MIO MAX builds upon the success of the legacy MIO, MoviTHERM’s intelligent I/O module, a product that provides seamless communication between FLIR thermal cameras and external systems, allowing users to monitor critical parameters; detect anomalies, and respond proactively to potential issues. The new product line expands the compatibility range to include the latest FLIR A-Series cameras and introduces the ability to connect interchangeable cameras within a single module.

“Our goal with MIO MAX is to empower our customers to transform their FLIR thermal cameras into robust remote monitoring systems effortlessly,” says Markus Tarin, CEO of MoviTHERM. “With MIO MAX, users can customize their monitoring setup according to their exact requirements, whether it’s early fire detection, condition monitoring, process monitoring, or beyond.”

MIO MAX Offers Users Available in Multiple Versions

MoviTHERM points out the new MIO MAX series employs an intuitive web interface to connect compatible FLIR thermal cameras via Ethernet to allow users to set temperature alarm thresholds for each camera. Users have the freedom to customize their setup by mixing and matching the available digital and analog outputs to suit their preferences. Some of the setup options the new product provides include the capability to setup for one alarm output per camera or multiple outputs for a single camera.

The company adds that its latest product line is available in a choice two models: MIO MAX-1, compatible with one camera, and MIO MAX-7, which is compatible with seven cameras. MoviTHERM emphasizes its new product series enables the incorporation of over 100 cameras by integrating additional MIO units. This functionality equips businesses of all sizes with a comprehensive thermal monitoring solution.

Key features:

  • Simple setup with Ethernet connectivity
  • User-friendly web interface for alarm configuration
  • Digital output channels for alarm signaling, equipment control, and status indication
  • 4-20mA transmitter channels for data logging & analysis, remote access and control, and integration with external systems

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