New IDIS eBook Educates on the True Meaning of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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COPPELL, Texas – South Korean surveillance manufacturer IDIS has launched its newest educational eBook, this time focusing on total cost of ownership (TCO), in a document called, “Why Total Cost of Ownership Matters More Than Ever.”

 TCO is a well-known concept across many sectors in the video security industry: a way for customers to gain the most value by taking account of the total costs of any system across its entire lifecycle.

IDIS is “proud to be one of the first video tech vendors to shed light on the importance of TCO with its eBook in 2019,” according to the company announcement.

“The proliferation of AI-powered analytics has significantly increased the value of video solutions by enhancing operational efficiency,” the announcement says. “The market has also become more crowded with vendors referring to TCO in varying ways.

“This often leaves customers confused by different definitions, discour­aging them from asking the right questions to help them accurately assess the value of the video surveillance and analytics solutions,” according to the IDIS announcement.

More About IDIS’ Newest TCO eBook

“IDIS recognizes how complicated others make it seem and remains committed to accurately communicating to its valued partners and customers why a clear understanding of TCO and ROI (return on investment) is more important than ever,” the company announcement says.

“They are crucial metrics for many, including systems integrators, heads of security, facilities teams, and loss prevention managers looking to build solid and compelling business cases for investing in IP video technology,” according to the announcement.

Topics covered in this free eBook include planning and system design, hardware, installation, monitoring and management, license fees and maintenance, futureproof scalability and IDIS’ “continuous commitment to its customers” and what the company calls “the industry’s lowest TCO.”

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