Ninja Line of Products from Atomos gets Updates

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MELBOURNE, Australia—Atomos has announced the latest generation of its Ninja line of camera-mounted monitor-recorders: Ninja and Ninja Ultra.

The original Ninja was introduced in 2010, and it combines an HD disk recorder with a touchscreen monitor that users could hold in their hands. The company says the products capture high-quality uncompressed video direct from the first generation of DSLRs straight onto a removable SSD.

“While we continue to innovate, we continue to listen to our customers too,” says Trevor Elbourne, CEO of Atomos.

“Ninja remains the go-to ProRes monitor-recorder for individual content creators and freelancers, but with even more functionality. If cloud connectivity is not your priority right now, that’s no problem at all – you can just add that option further down the road as your business dictates.”

Atomos Ninja Products Incorporate new Operating System

The latest Ninja base model handles video sources up to nine times the older generation’s resolution. The products utilize a 5-inch HDR screen; they record ProRes RAW, and the product line connects to almost every camera in the world.

A key component of both new Ninja models is the completely overhauled operating system: AtomOS 11. Cleaner, fresher and faster, thanks to hardware performance optimized for AtomOS 11, the product line delivers a host of new features too, including EL Zone exposure referenced colorized image, ARRI False Color, and new scheduled playback & recording tools.

Both models sport a distinctive ‘camo’ color polycarbonate body and now include more codecs as standard: 6K ProRes RAW, ProRes, DNxHD as well as H.265, which was previously available as a paid option.

Ninja Ultra’s new 4K camera to cloud mode lets you record and upload much higher quality bitrate H.265 video with higher framerates. H.265 files are half the size of H.264 media.

Adding an Atomos Connect expansion module to either a Ninja or a Ninja Ultra enables Atomos RemoteView, which the company says is a brand new technology that lets users share live views from an Atomos screen with other Atomos monitors, as well as with iPads, Macs and Apple TVs wirelessly.

For Ninja Ultra only, the Atomos Connect module provides a lower latency, higher throughput and more stable connection with Wi-Fi 6E. Once again, Atomos is leading the way by incorporating this cutting-edge Wi-Fi standard into its cloud-enabled products.

Both productds are backwards-compatible with their predecessors, Ninja V and Ninja V+, so all Atomos and third-party accessories can be used with the new products.

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