NVIDIA Adds Rekor Systems to Metropolis Software Partner Program

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COLUMBIA, Md. — Rekor Systems, a provider of innovative vehicle recognition systems, announces it has joined the NVIDIA Metropolis Software Partner Program and is leveraging NVIDIA Graphic Processing Units to accelerate its OpenALPR vehicle recognition software.

NVIDIA Metropolis is an intelligent video analytics platform that spans multiple NVIDIA products operating on a unified architecture. The company says the platform is paving the way for the creation of AI cities, making them safer and smarter by applying deep learning to video streams for applications such as public safety, traffic management and resource optimization.

Rekor joins more than 100 NVIDIA AI City partner companies that are already providing products and applications using deep learning on its GPUs.

Through the power of NVIDIA AI and GPUs, Rekor’s machine-learning enabled software not only scans and recognizes thousands of license plates per hour on multiple lanes with accuracy rates exceeding 99%, but also identifies vehicle make, model, color and body type, according to the company.

Within an AI City environment, Rekor’s vehicle recognition software and systems, operating on NVIDIA GPUs, can be used for law enforcement, security, electronic toll collection, parking operations, banking and insurance, logistics, traffic management and customer loyalty.

Rekor’s Chief Science Officer Mathew Hill says, “We are proud to be a part of NVIDIA’s Metropolis Software Partner Program to further expand their thriving ecosystem. Together, we’re taking advantage of the more than 1 billion video cameras that will be in cities by the year 2020 to solve a dizzying array of problems.”

Rekor’s software is said to turn any IP camera into a vehicle recognition camera that serves as a collection point for license plate and vehicle information such as make, model, and color.

This AI-based product achieves 99.02% accuracy, analyzes large volumes of data, and finds corresponding correlations for public safety, traffic management and resource optimization use, according to the company.

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