Industrial Real Estate Holder Installs Hanwha Cameras Across 100s of Properties

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TEANECK, N.J. — Hanwha Techwin America announces that Olymbec, the largest privately owned industrial real estate holder on the East Coast, has chosen Hanwha cameras to help secure its properties and improve rentability.

Managing upwards of 300 properties in Quebec and 15 different States in the US, Olymbec owns more than 30 million square feet of property.

As a real estate holder, Olymbec has to balance a variety of concerns, including providing positive tenant experiences, generating revenue, and protecting assets. When it comes to security, the company is faced with everything from accidental damage and theft to vandalism and refuse dumping both inside and outside their buildings.

However, Olymbec’s existing analog-based camera systems were not meeting the company’s needs.

After looking at a number of different options, the company chose Hanwha Techwin because of the range of products, the modularity of the solutions, the quality of training and customer support, and the cost, which allows Olymbec to add components easily, according to the company.

Today, Olymbec has deployed over 700 operational cameras and carries stock for both replacement purposes and new systems. The deployed cameras are connected to either a Wisenet WAVE VMS system in their larger installations or to NVRs in their smaller installations.

Through its VPN, everyone at Olymbec, from the CTO to security personnel and property managers, can access video footage from every security camera remotely from their phones and tablets.

This allows them to view footage from anywhere at any time and gives them the flexibility to react quickly and appropriately when an incident occurs. Hanwha cameras have the capability to trigger alerts and alert security personnel, based on a variety of rules such as detecting motion after hours.

The company has spent $750K on equipment from Hanwha to deploy its new security infrastructure. The result is a robust, homogenous environment that makes it easy to manage and add new camera systems to its properties, according to the company.

The cameras are used as a deterrent or after-the-fact for investigative purposes. This means that Olymbec relies heavily on the quality of the video feed. To capture the best possible video, Olymbec decided to go with multisensor, multidirectional cameras, which are deployed across the company’s properties allowing them to cover a very wide area with just a single device.

The multisensor cameras are also said to work very well when it comes time to pull footage. This is especially helpful because Olymbec’s security department receives video requests from law enforcement 4-5 times each month.

“Using our new security system, we are able to ensure the integrity of our video evidence. This is important when local law enforcement asks us for footage to help with an investigation,” says Jack Ross, chief technology officer, Olymbec USA & Canada. “It was important for us to choose a platform that is both complex enough to meet our needs and reliable enough to set up and simply let run. When it comes to reliability, as well as flexibility and ease-of-use, I think Hanwha really shines.”

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